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Parish notes since 1866[edit]

Since the description of the Church was written ([History of Cawthorne/The Parish Church, The Churchyard, Parochial Registers|Chapter VII]]), the mural decoration has been begun and is still in progress under the special page 173 direction of Mr. G. F. Bodley, A. R. A., the work being executed as before by Mr. Parr and his assistant from Mr Leach of Cambridge. The alabaster Reredos has had its rich sculpture relieved by more gold and colour, and a delicate cresting of carved alabaster is being made to give finish to the top. The stonework of the Chancel-the windows, arches, sedilia, &c. has been decorated in a rich mulberry red, sage-green, and gold, while the upper part of the walls below the red and gold cornice have a yellow decoration of conventional foliage on a lighter ground, and, as a hanging below, a darker green diaper upon a lighter shade of the same colour. The whole decoration of the Chancel is in that subdued peaceful pleasing harmony which gratifies without at all distracting. The outer walls of the North and South Aisles have for some distance from the floor a lighter blue ground with darker pattern, the upper part of the wall having a lighter ground with much the same decoration as the upper part of the Chancel walls. The wall over the Chancel arch to the Nave is also now being decorated. A carved oak screen, stained the same dark colour as the rest of the oak work, is being made, to fill the small arch leading from the North aisle into the North Chancel Aisle or Chapel.

No description of the Church, it may be remarked, could give any adequate idea of the beauty and harmony which pervades the whole of Mr. Bodley's work to the smallest details of decorative art and architecture.


  • The correction may here be made of a statement on page 70 referring to the woodwork of the Church: the Roofs of the Chancel and two Chancel Aisles were the work of Mr. Wade, of Horsforth.
  • The date of Mr. Daniel Wilson's death on page 102 ought to be given as 1825
  • An oversight has caused the learned Dr. Whitaker's name on page 4 to remain wrongly spelt
  • Walter Spencer Stanhope, given on page 36 as Lieut. 4th Batt. West Yorks. Regt., has since been gazetted as Lieut, 19th Huzzars.

page 174

  • In the 6th line of page 85 the inscription which was on the former memorial window to Miss Louisa Stanhope is erroneously given as being on the new window to the West containing Moses and David.

Since the Act in 1812 "for the better Regulating and preserving of Parish Registers," there have been three burials of persons above 90 years of age: Sarah Roberts, 91, in 1854; Joseph Fish, 96, in 1863; Elizabeth Healey, 96, in 1875.

page 175


Table has been revised
Event Page Year
Domesday Book description of Cawthorne 3 1086
Bosvile Chantry founded 140 1445
Decree of Exchequer Court on Vicar's Pension 126 1615
Decree of Duchy of Lancaster's Court on School 148 1639
Staincross Volunteers called out 31 1805
Canal made to Bamby Basin 63 1823
Shepley Turnpike Trust Roads begun 67 1825
Former Chancel and South Aisle built 88 and 117 1828
Spade Husbandry Allotments 1844
Turnpike Road about Cawthorne completed 67 1845
Co-operative Society established 1846
Cawthorne Flower Show begun 1849
Railway to Barnby Furnace 63 1854
Tivydale School built 156 1858
Harvest Thanksgiving (on weekday) 156 and 172 1858
Water brought to Maypole Hill from Margery Wood 65 1865
Hoyland Swaine made a Parish 168 1869
Boys School built 155 1872
Vicarage enlarged 136 1873
Restoration of Church begun 96 1875
Toll-bars abolished 66 1875
Church Re-opened 96 1880
Cemetery Consecrated 98 1880
Quarry Well improved and Water to low end of Village
[also census taken]