Hughes, William (fl.1665-1683) (DNB00)

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For works with similar titles, see William Hughes.

HUGHES, WILLIAM (fl. 1665–1683), horticultural writer, served, according to his own account, on board a vessel engaged on a filibustering expedition in the West Indies. He then visited, among other places, Barbadoes, St. Kitts, Hispaniola, Jamaica, and Florida. After his return, about 1652, he took service, apparently as gardener, under the Dowager Viscountess Conway at Ragley. While in this situation he brought out 'The Complete Vineyard, or an excellent way for the Planting of Vines,' &c., London, 1665; this reached a third edition in 1683. His next venture was 'The Flower-Garden enlarged,' London, 1671; third and last edition 1683; and finally a third duodecimo in 1672, 'The American Physitian, or a Treatise of the Roots, Plants, Trees … growing in the English Plantations in America,' &c., in which he recounts his experience of West Indian produce.

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