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HUTTON, THOMAS (1566–1639), divine, a Londoner by birth, was admitted into Merchant Taylors' School (being the son of a member of the company) on 6 April 1573 (School Reg.), and was elected in 1585, aged 19, a probationary fellow at St. John's College, Oxford. He graduated B.A. 1587, M.A. 1591, and proceeded B.D. in 1597, and became 'a frequent Preacher' (Wood). In 1600 he was made vicar of St. Kew in Cornwall, and a few years later (1605-6) engaged in a controversy with those in the same diocese with himself who refused subscription to the Book of Common Prayer. His zealous defence of the prayer-book led to further preferment. He became rector of North Lew, Devonshire, and a prebendary of Exeter, 1616. He was buried at St. Kew on 27 Dec. 1639.

His writings are:

  1. 'Reasons for refusal of Subscription to the Booke of Common Praier under the hands of certaine Ministers of Devon and Cornwall, word for word as they were exhibited by them to the Rt. Rev. Father in God, William Coton (sic), Doctor in Divinitie, L. Bishop of Exceter, with an Answere at severall times returned them in Publike Conference, and in diverse sermons upon occasion preached in the Cathedral Church of Exceter,' by T. Hutton, B.D., Oxford (J. Barnes), 1605, 4to.
  2. 'The second and last parts of Reasons,' &c., London (J. Windet), 1606, 4to.
  3. 'An Appendix, or compendious brief of all other exceptions, taken by others, against the Book of Communion, Homilies, and Ordination,' &c. Published with the second part.

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