Jones, William (1762-1846) (DNB00)

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JONES, WILLIAM (1762–1846), religious writer, born at Poulton, Lancashire, was a bookseller and pastor of the Scotch baptist church in Finsbury, London, till his death. His chief works were:

  1. ‘Life of Abraham Booth,’ 1808.
  2. ‘History of the Waldenses,’ 1811, reissued as ‘History of the Christian Church,’ 1817 (4th edition, 1819), and sometimes assigned in error to William Jones of Nayland [q. v.]
  3. ‘Biblical Cyclopædia,’ 1816.
  4. ‘Dictionary of Religious Opinions,’ 1817.
  5. ‘Christian Biography,’ 1829.
  6. ‘Autobiography,’ edited by his son, 1846.

[Jones's Autob. 1846; Brit. Mus. Cat.]