Kendale, Richard (DNB00)

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KENDALE, RICHARD (d. 1431), grammarian, is said to have enjoyed a great reputation as a schoolmaster, and to have written: 1. ‘De Legibus Constructionum.’ 2. ‘Æquivocorum Exempla.’ 3. ‘De Componendis Epistolis.’ 4. ‘De Dictamine Prosaico.’ 5. ‘De Dictamine Metrico.’ 6. ‘De Verborum Ornatu.’ Bale gives the first words of most of these, but none of them seem to be extant, though he says that he saw these and other works in the monastery of St. Faith, Horsham, Norfolk; some were formerly in the library of the monastery of Sion. In Additional MS. 4912, f. 157 a, there is a short musical treatise ‘Gamma musicæ cum versibus misticis,’ which is ascribed to Richard Kendale, who is there said to have been a monk of Sherborne.

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