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LATES, JOHN JAMES (d. 1777?) musical composer, was son of David Francisco Lates, a teacher of languages at Oxford, and the author of a 'New Method of Easily Attaining the Italian Tongue,' London, 1766. The father seems to be identical with 'Signior Lates, late teacher of Oriental languages,' who died at Oxford 28 April 1777 (Gent. Mag. 1777, p. 247, and 1800, ii. 841). The son became a violinist of repute at Oxford, where he was a teacher of the violin and leader of the concerts. He owed much to the Duke of Marlborough, in whose service he was for many years at Blenheim, and seems to have been at one time organist of St. John's College. He is said to have died in 1777. He published: 'Six Solos for a Violin and Violoncello, with a Thorough-bass for the Harpsichord, humbly inscrib'd to Oldfield Bowles, Esq.,' Op. 3; also duets for two violins, Op. 1; duets for two German flutes, Op. 2, London.

His son, Charles Lates (fl. 1794), born at Oxford in 1771, became a pupil of Dr. Philip Hayes [q.v.], the university professor of music, matriculated at Magdalen College 4 Nov. 1793, at the age of twenty-two, and graduated Mus.Bac. 28 May 1794, when he described himself as 'organist of Gainsborough.' His exercise for the degree, preserved among the manuscripts in the Oxford Music School (MS. Mus. Sch. Ex. d. 72), is entitled an 'Anthem—"The Lord is my Light"—for Voices and Instruments;' it was performed 7 Nov. 1793. He subsequently published a 'Sett of Sonatas for Pianoforte,' songs in score, &c. He was a fine organist and extempore player, excelling in the art of 'fuguing.'

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