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LAWSON, ISAAC (d. 1747), physician, was born in Scotland . He became a student of Leyden University on 17 May 1780; studied medicine and botany under Herman Boerhaave and Van Royen, and became the intimate friend of Linnaeus, whom he several times assisted with gifts of money. In conjunction with Gronovius he was at the expense of the printing of the 'Systema Naturæ' of Linnaeus in 1735. Lawson graduated at Leyden as M.D. in 1737, his thesis being entitled ' Dissertatio Academica sistens Nihil.' He afterwards became a physician to the British army, but died at Oosterhout in the Netherlands in 1747. Linnaeus dedicated to him the genus Lawsonia, the henna of the East. In Dr. Maton's edition of Linneeus's 'Diary.' included in his reprint of Pulteney's 'View of the Writings of Linnaeus.' p. 530. Lawson is inaccurately spoken of as John Lawson. Another Isaac Lawson, possibly a son, entered Leyden University 13 March 1747, and is described in the register as Britanno-Edinburgensis.

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