Oxford Book of English Verse 1250-1918/Lines from Love Letters

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Lines from Love Letters



De Amico ad Amicam

A CELUY que pluys eyme en mounde,
Of alle tho that I have founde
Saluz od treyé amour,
With grace and joye and alle honoure,

Sachez bien, pleysant et beele,
That I am right in goode heele
                Laus Christo!
Et moun amour doné vous ay,
And also thine owene, night and day
                In cisto.

Ma tres duce et tres amé,
Night and day for love of thee
Soyez permanent et leal;
Love me so that I it fele,

A vous jeo suy tut doné;
Mine herte is full of love to thee
Et pur ceo jeo vous pry,
Sweting, for thin curtesy,

Jeo vous pry par charité
The wordes that here wreten be
And turne thy herte me toward
O à Dieu que vous gard!



A SOUN tres chere et special,
Fer and ner and overal
                In mundo,
Que soy ou saltz et gré
With mouth, word and herte free

Jeo vous pry sans debat
That ye wolde of myn estat
Sertfyés a vous jeo fay
I wil in time whan I may

Pur vostre amour, allas, allas!
I am werse than I was
                Per multa:
Jeo suy dolourouse en tut manere,
Woulde God in youre armes I were

Vous estes ma morte et ma vye,
I preye you for your curteisie
Cestes maundés jeo vous pry
In youre herté stedefastly