List of Carthusians, 1800–1879/L

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N.B. — The Mark * indicates a Gown Boy.


Lacey, Charles James, 1864. Son of William Charles Lacey, of Wareham, Dorset, b. 1852. Solicitor at Bournemouth.

Lacey, Howard George, 1868. Brother of the above. b. 1856. Caius Coll. Cam.

Lacy, Seymour De Lacy, 1848-53. Son of the Rev. Charles Lacy, Rector of All Hallows, London Wall. b. 1839. Capt. Royal Artillery.

Lacy, Spencer De Lacy, 1847-48. Brother of the above. b. 1835. Lieut. R.N. Died at sea 1858.

La Fargue, George Henry Leith, 1873.

Lafont, Ogle Russell, 1837-46, b. 1827. St. John's Coll. Oxford. Rector of Hinxworth, Herts.

Laforest, Edward, 1815-16, b. 1800.

Laforest, Edward William Carew, 1845, b. 1829. Wine Merchant.

Laing, Robert, 1807-10, b. 1794; died 1811.

Lake, Alexander, 1813-14. Son of W. C. Lake, Merchant of Liverpool, b. 1800. Died in South America 1826.

Lamb, Alexander, 1811-15, b. 1799. Ex. Coll. Oxf.

Lamb, John, 1805-7, b. 1789 Fellow and Master of Corpus Coll. Cam. Dean of Bristol; died 1850.

Lamb, Robert Boyd, 1873. Son of Robert Boyd Lamb, late Consul in the West Indies, b. 1858. Engaged in the Tea Trade in India.

Lamb, Thomas Davis, 1824, b. 1815. S.C.L. Oxon. Formerly Rector of West Hackney, &c.

Lambe,      , 1865.

Lambe, David, 1811. Son of William Lambe, M.D., of London and Henwood, Herefordshire, b. 1803; deceased.

Lambe, Lacon William, 1810-15. Brother of the above. b. 1797. Caius Coll. Cam. Tancred Scholar 1817. M.D. 1825; d. 1871.

Lammin, Archer Davison, 1863-69. Son of William Henry Lammin, of Shorrolds, Fulham. b. 1852.

Lammin, Percy Belasyce, 1865. Brother of the above. b. 1853.

Landon, George, 1819. Son of the Very Rev. Whittington Landon, D.D., Dean of Exeter and Provost of Worcester Coll. Oxf. b. 1805. Worc. Coll. Oxf. B.C.L. 1834. Rector of Richards Castle, Salop; d. 1875.

Lane, Thomas, 1802-4.

Lane,* John Eraser, 1800-6, b. 1788. E. I. Civil Service.

Lane, Thomas Reynell, 1878, b. 1864.

Lane-Fox,* William Augustus, 1868. Son of Col. Lane-Fox, Uplands Merrow, Guildford. b. 1858.

Langdale, William John, 1809-12. Son of Marmaduke Langdale, of 17, Doughty Street, London. b. 1796. Cath. Hall, Cam. Holy Orders.

Langdon-Down, Everleigh, 1874. (See Down).

Langham, Henry Burdett, 1819. Son of Sir Jas. Langham, Bart. b. 1808. St. Alban's Hall, Oxf. ; d. 1876.

Langham, William Samwell, 1819. Brother of the above. b. 1810. Life Guards.

Langley, Algernon Arthur, 1877. Son of Henry Langley, late 2nd Life Guards, b. 1863.

Langstaff, Francis, 1826, b. 1810.

Langstaff, Frederick, 1826, b. 1811.

Lant, John, 1860-63. Of Nailcote Hall, Coventry, b. 1845.

Larcom, Thomas Henry, 1851-53. Son of the Rt. Hon. Sir Thos. A. Larcom, Bart. b. 1842. Went to Rugby School. Commander R.N.; d. 1877.

Larkins, Colin Robertson, 1827, b. 1817. 20th Regt. Bengal N.I.; d. 1835.

Larkins, John Gladstone, 1830, b. 1815, d. 1833.

Last,* Arthur John, 1876. Son of Frederic Last, Regent's Park Terrace, London, b. 1862.

Latham, George Nix, 1875. Son of George Latham, b. 1860.

Latham, Frederic Nix, 1878. Brother of the above.

Latter, Oswald Hawkins, 1878. Son of Rev. Arthur Simon Latter, Vicar of North Mymms, Herts, b. 1864.

Latter, Robert Booth, 1814. Son of Edward Latter, of Pixfield, Bromley, Kent, b. 1805. Solicitor.

Law, Edward Downes, 1853-54. Son of the Hon. Henry Spencer Law. b. 1841. Commander R.N. Retired.

Law,* George John, 1804-9. Son of Rt. Rev. George Henry Law, D.D., Bishop of Chester and Bath and Wells, b. 1794. Went to India; d. 1811.

Law, William (C.B.), 1834-38. Son of late Rev. H. Law, Rector of Standon, Herts. Clerk in the Treasury. Private Secretary to Lord Palmerston.

Lawes,* Edward, 1829, b. 1817. Special Pleader; d. 1852.

Lawrell, Walter Glyn, 1853-61. Son of Rev. J. Lawrell, of St. Matthew's, City Road. b. 1844. Capt. 4th Hussars.

Lawrence, Ernest Frederick, 1876. Son of F. W. Lawrence, Oakleigh, Beckenham.

Lawson, Thomas, 1821, b. 1810. Solicitor in Paris.

Lawson, William Frederick, 1828, b. 1813. Clerk of the Peace for Surrey; d. 1839.

Lea,* William, 1876. Son of Rev. Josiah Turner Lea, Far Forest Vicarage, Bewdley, Worcestershire, b. 1862.

Leach, Edward, 1818, b. 1802.

Leach, John Frederick, 1819, b. 1804. B.N.C. Oxf. Barrister.

Leach, Kenneth Henry, 1876. Of Winchester, b. 1863.

Leach, Maurice Mackenzie, 1878. Brother of the above. b. 1865.

Leader, John Temple, 1823, b. 1810. Gold Medal. Ch. Ch. Oxf. M.P. for Westminster 1837.

Leake, Stephen Martin, 1875. Son of Stephen Martin Leake, Barrister, of Marshalls, Ware, Herts, b. 1862.

Leary, Joseph, 1822, b. 1812. Librarian to the House of Lords; deceased.

Leathley, William Henry, 1824, b. 1811. Trin. Coll. Cam. B.A. 1834.

Leaver, Benjamin, 1818, b. 1806.

Leaver, Samuel, 1818, b. 1808; d. 1818.

Le Bas, Henry Vincent, 1842-47. Son of Rev. Charles Webb Le Bas, of Haileybury College, b. 1828. Univ. Coll. Oxf. Preacher at Charterhouse.

Le Bas, Reginald Vincent, 1871. Son of the above, b. 1856.

Le Blanc, Arthur, 1825, b. 1813. Solicitor.

Le Blanc, Frederick, 1821. Brother of the above, b. 1809. Leamington.

Leche, John Hurleston, 1819. Son of Wm. Leche, of Carden, Cheshire. Of Carden Park, Cheshire, b. 1805. High Sheriff of Cheshire in 1832; d. 1848.

Leche, William Edward, 1843-45. Third son late J. H. Leche, of Carden (above), b. 1830. 17th Regiment; d. 1848.

Lechmere,* (Sir) Edmund Anthony Harley (Bart.), 1837-44. Son of Sir E. H. Lechmere, Bart. b. 1826. Ch. Ch. Oxf. M.P. for Tewkesbury 1866-68; for W. Worcestershire 1876. Rhyd Court, Upton upon Severn.

Leckie,* John Warrington, 1876. Son of Lieut.-Col. John Davies Leckie. b. 1862.

Leckie, Robert Lindsay, 1817. Son of John Lindsay Leckie, of Bombay, b. 1806. Banker in Bombay; d. 1865.

Leech, John, 1825-32, b. 1817. The Celebrated Caricaturist; d. 1864.

Leech,* John Charles Warrington, 1866. Son of John Leech (above), b. 1856. Went to Australia. Drowned at sea 1875.

Leech, Thomas, 1831, b. 1822.

Leeds, George William, 1820. Son of Sir George William Leeds, Bart., of Croxton Park, Cambs. b. 1807 ; d. 1864.

Leeson, Hubert Seymour, 1852-58, b. 1841. Barrister of Lincoln's Inn.

Legard,* Frederick, 1823. Son of the Rev. William Legard, Vicar of Ganton. b. 1811. Emm. Coll. Cam. Vicar of Canton, Yorks.

Legge, Augustus George, 1845-53. Son of Rev. Henry Legge (below), b. 1835. Silver Medal Ch. Ch. Oxf. Vicar of North Elmham, Norfolk.

Legge,* Henry, 1815. Son of the Hon. and Rev. A. G. Legge, Rector of Wonston, Hants, b. 1803. Ch. Ch. Oxf. Rector of East Lavant, Sussex. (Died 1879).

Legge, Henry Edward, 1844-49. Son of the above, b. 1831. Ch. Ch. Oxf.; died at Algiers 1861.

Legge, Walter Douglas, 1878. Son of Rev. A. G. Legge (above), b. 1865.

Legh, William Dawson, 1843-45. Son of Rev. Edmund Dawson Legh. b. 1834. Went to Harrow School. Holy Orders; d. 1858.

Legh, John Pennington, 1840-46. Brother of the above. b. 1827. Wadh. Coll. Oxf. Norbury Booths Hall, Knutsford.

Legrew, Arthur, 1824, b. 1812. St. John's Coll. Cam. Formerly Curate of Chaldon.

Leigh, John Frederic, 1873. Son of the following, b. 1858. St. John's Coll. Cam.

Leigh, Richard, 1820, b. 1807. B.N.C. Oxf. Rector of Walton on the hill, Liverpool.

Le Mesurier, Alexander, 1818-12, b. 1798. Navy.

Le Mesurier, Augustus, 1809-16, b. 1799. Recorder of Bombay.

Le Mesurier, George Paul, 1813-17, b. 1802.

Le Mesurier,* John James, 1819, b. 1807; deceased.

Lemos, William, 1826, b. 1812.

Lennard, George Barrett, 1806-11. Son of Sir Thomas Barrett Lennard, Bart., of Belhus. b. 1796. Barrister; died 1870.

Lennard, Henry Barrett, 1807-11. Brother of the above. b. 1798. Holy Orders; died at Fontainebleau 1870.

Lennard, John Barrett, 1803-4. Brother of the above. b. 1789. Chief Clerk Privy Council Office; deceased.

Lennox, Arthur Charles Wriothesley, 1852-54. Son of Lieut.-Col. w:Lord Arthur Lennox. b. 1842. Royal Navy; d. 1876.

Leslie, Charles, 1823, b. 1810. Ch. Ch. Oxford.

Leslie, John William, 1809-12, b. 1796. Army.

Leslie, Shirley Conyers, 1809-12, b. 1797. Army.

Leslie, Hon. Thomas Jenkins, 1821. Son of the third Countess of Rothes. b. 1813. Army; d. 1849.

Levinson, Sigismund, 1831, b. 1816.

Lewes, John, 1873. Son of Lt.-Col. John Lewes, of Llanear, Cardiganshire, b. 1860. Lieut. Royal Artillery, serving in India.

Lewin,* Reginald Wynford Elphinstone, 1847-53. Son of Sir Gregory Lewin, Q.C. b. 1835. Pemb. Coll. Oxf. Late of the Probate Office. Now in America.

Lewis, Claud Edmund, 1877. Son of S. Lewis, of the Orchard, Chigwell, Essex, b. 1863.

Lewis, James Dacres, 1814-16, b. 1799.

Lewis, James Henry, 1819, b. 1804.

Lewis, William Edgar, 1875.

Lewis,* William John, 1844-49, b. 1832. War Office; drowned.

Ley, Herbert, 1873.

Liddell, Charles Lyon, 1874. Son of Charles Liddell, 4, Cornwall Terrace, N.W.

Liddell, Henry George, 1823-29. Son of the Hon. and Rev. Henry G. Liddell. b. 1811. Student and Tutor of Ch. Ch. Oxf. Double 1st Class. Head Master of Westminster 1846. Dean of Christ Church 1853.

Liddell, Hon. Robert, 1820. Son of the Earl of Ravensworth, b. 1808. Ch. Ch. and Fellow of All Souls', Oxf. Vicar of S. Paul's, Knightsbridge.

Liddell, William Wren, 1836-42. Brother of H. G. Liddell (above), b. 1823. Ch. Ch. Oxf. Rector of Cowley, Gloucestershire.

Ligne, Philip Edward, 1825, b. 1811. Trin. Coll. Cam.

Lilly, John Arnold, 1868-72, b. 1854. Clare Coll. Cam.

Lincoln, William, 1807-9, b. 1791.

Linde, Daniel Bayliffe, 1821, b. 1808.

Lindsay,* Arthur Fergusson, 1853-57, b. 1841. Capt. Bengal Cavalry.

Lindsay, George, 1852-53. Son of the late Martin Lindsay, of the East India Civil Service, b. 1838. Ensign 1st Bengal Native Infantry. Murdered at Cawnpore in the Mutiny 1857.

Lindsay,* Robert Grant, 1851-58, b. 1840. Univ. Coll. Oxf.

Linzee, Charles Arthur, 1875-78. Son of R. G. Linzee, of Broxmore Park, Romsey. b. 1861.

Lipscomb, Godfrey, 1876. St. Philip's Rectory, Birmingham.

Lister, George Coryton, 1876. Son of Thomas Villiers Lister, Assistant Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, b. 1863.

Lister, William Cunliffe, 1825, b. 1810. Trin. Coll. Cam. M.P. for Bradford; d. 1841.

Lister, William Short, 1827, b. 1813.

Litchfield, Percivall Edmund, 1819, b. 1804. Trin. Coll. Cam.

Little (Sir) Archibald (K.C.B.), 1822. Son of Archibald Little, of Shabden Park, Surrey, b. 1811. Lieut.-Genl. Col. 9th Lancers. Late Col. 11th Hussars.

Little, William, 1822, b. 1809. Merchant.

Littledale, Edward, 1819, b. 1805. Major 1st Dragoons. Retired. (16, St. James Square).

Littlepage, Allen Williams, 1824, b. 1812.

Liveing, Edward Henry, 1866. Son of Edward Liveing, M.D., of 52, Queen Anne Street, London, b. 1855. Mining Engineer. Associate of the Royal School of Mines. First in the 1st Class in Mineralogy.

Llanos, Charles, 1825, b. 1812. Indian Army.

Lloyd,* Arthyr Grey, 1863. Son of Rev. Henry Robert Lloyd, Rector of Clyffe at Hoo, Kent. b. 1851. Lieut. 4th Dragoon Guards. (Died at Cape Town 1879).

Lloyd,* Charles Coope, 1818, b. 1808. Orator; died 1838.

Lloyd, Edward Harvey, 1822. Son of Wm. Lloyd, of Aston, Salop, b. 1811. Lieut. Rifle Brigade. Retired 1835; d. 1870.

Lloyd, Ernest Thomas, 1873. Civil Service.

Lloyd, Eusebius Arthur, 1842-46, b. 1829. Indian Army.

Lloyd, Francis, 1809-14, b. 1795. Ch. Ch. Oxf. Assistant Master in the School.

Lloyd, Henry, 1809-16, b. 1800.

Lloyd,* Rowley Young, 1833-38. Pemb. Coll. Oxf. M.A. 1843. Barrister, d.

Lloyd, Vaughan, 1805-7, b. 1795.

Lloyd, William, 1814-16, b. 1800.

Lloyd, William, 1815-16, b. 1804.

Loch, George, 1823. Son of James Loch, of Uppat, Sutherlandshire. b. 1811. Barrister of the Middle Temple. Q.C. M.P. for the Wick Burghs 1868-72; d. 1877.

Loch, George, 1824. Cousin of the above. Son of William Loch, of the Bengal Civil Service, b. 1815. E.I.C.S. Judge of the High Court of Calcutta; retired 1872.

Loch, William Adam, 1826. Son of James Loch, of Uppat. b. 1814. Barrister.

Locker,* Arthur, 1842-47. Son of Edward Hawke Locker, Commissioner of Greenwich Hospital, b. 1828. Pemb. Coll. Oxf. Editor of The Graphic.

Locker,* William Algernon, 1877. Son of the above, b. 1863.

Lockett, Hugh Barnett, 1839-43, b. 1825. E.I.C.S. Died in India 1860.

Lockley, John, 1819, b. 1806.

Lockwood, Henry John Arthur, 1840-43. Son of Robert Manners Lockwood, and grandson of the Earl of Arran. b. 1826. The Admiralty.

Lord,      , 1806-9.

Love, John Henry, 1826, b. 1812. Caius Coll. Cam.

Lovegrove, Charles Arthur, 1873. Son of C. Lovegrove, of Downe, Kent.

Loveless, Charles James, 1872.

Lowder, William Henry, 1841-48. Son of Charles Lowder, of Frome, Somerset, b. 1831. St. Edm. Hall, Oxf. Vicar of St. George's, Hyde, Cheshire.

Lowndes, Henry, 1809-13, b. 1795. Ball. Coll. Oxf.

Lowndes, Henry Bartholomew, 1875. Son of Lieut.-Col. Lowndes, Braunston, Rugby, b. 1862. Army Student.

Lowther, Harold Arthur, 1878. Son of Honl. W. Lowther, M.P., of Lowther Lodge, Kensington Gore, b. 1864.

Loyd, William Kirkman, 1820. Son of William Loyd, of London, b. 1809. Lieut.-Col. Madras Artillery. Twice mentioned in despatches for distinguished service in the field.

Luard, Thomas William, 1807-9. Son of John Luard. b. 1796.

Luard, William Richards, 1843-45. Son of Henry Luard, a Banker, b. 1829. 5, Montagu Place, London.

Lucas, Charles Arthur, 1872. Of Upper Tooting, Surrey.

Lucas, Charles Pierpoint, 1838. Son of Rt. Hon. Edward Lucas, of Castle Shaen, Co. Monaghan. b. 1825. Captain Bengal Native Infantry.

Lucas, Fitzherbert Dacre, 1838. Brother of the above. Died 1857 of a wound received at Lucknow, where he was serving as a Volunteer.

Lucas, George, 1820, b. 1806.

Luck, Edward Thomas, 1813-15. Son of Thomas Luck, of Went House, West Malling, Kent. b. 1799. Royal Navy; deceased.

Luck, Everard Thomas, 1858-60. Son of Edward Thomas Luck, of West Malling, b. 1844. St. John's Coll. Cam. Barrister. Capt. West Kent Light Infantry Militia. Went House, West Malling, Kent.

Lucy, Frederick Henry, 1873. Son of William Charles Lucy, of The Wynstones, Gloucestershire. R.M. Coll. Sandhurst.

Ludby, Thomas, 1825, b. 1810. Rector of Cranham, Essex.

Lukin,* Cecil Edward George, 1823-28, b. 1811. Orator. Government Office, India Board; deceased.

Lumb, William Eedson, 1822. Son of William Lumb. b. 1806. Trin. Coll. Cam. Formerly 2nd Master of the Grammar School, Ripon. Vicar of Halford, Shropshire.

Lushington,* Charles, 1815. Son of Sir Henry Lushington, Bart. b. 1805. Student of Ch. Ch. Oxf. 3rd Class Lit. Hum. Vicar of Walton on Thames. Chaplain at Naples.

Lushington, Edmund Law, 1823-27. Son of Edm. Henry Lushington, of Park House, Maidstone. b. 1811. Fellow of Trin. Coll. Cam. Senior Medallist. Professor of Greek at Glasgow 1838.

Lushington, Edward, 1804-7.

Lushington, Henry, 1823-28. Brother of Edmund Law Lushington (above), b. 1812. Gold Medal. Fellow of Trin. Coll. Cam. 1st Class Classical Tripos. Sec. of State at Malta; d. 1855.

Lushington, Richard Henry, 1824. Son of the Rt. Hon. Stephen R. Lushington, formerly Governor of Madras. b. 1809.

Lushington, Thomas Davies, 1826. Brother of Henry Lushington (above), b. 1813. India Civil Service, Madras; d. 1858.

Lushington,* William John, 1817. Son of William John Lushington, of Rodmersham Lodge, Sittingbourne. b. 1806. India Civil Service in Ceylon; died 1831.

Lutwyche, Alfred James Peter, 1824, b. 1810. Queens Coll. Cam. Barrister.

Luxford, George Curteis, 1825. Son of John Luxford, of Higham, Sussex, b. 1810. Trin. Coll. Cam. Formerly Rector of Middleton, Sussex.

Luxford, John Odiarne, 1820. Brother of the above, b. 1808. Of Higham, Sussex. J.P. Formerly of the Royal Dragoons; deceased.

Lyne,* Clavering Mordaunt, 1863-64. Son of Francis Lyne, of Cheltenham, b. 1849. Gloucester Theological Coll. Curate of Biddlestone, Wilts.

Lyon, Edmund Herbert, 1875. Son of Rev. Samuel Edmund Lyon, of Stratton, Hants, b. 1861.