List of Carthusians, 1800–1879/V

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N.B. — The Mark * indicates a Gown Boy.

Vachell, Horatio, 1810-16, b. 1798. Pemb. Coll. Cam.

Vade, George Ashton, 1816. Son of Rev. Ashton Vade, Chaplain to H.R.H. the Prince of Wales, b. 1802. Ex. Coll. Oxf.

Vaizey, Joseph, 1825. Son of John Vaizey, of Halstead, Essex, b. 1813. Farmer; deceased.

Valentine, Richard J. Scobell, 1836-44. Son of Rev. Thomas Valentine, Chaplain of the London Hospital. b. 1825. Scholar of St. John's Coll. Cam. Holy Orders, died 1854.

Van-Atwood, Thomas Hasting, 1844-47, b. 1829. Ch. Coll. Cam. Drowned at Tenby 1850.

Vance, Richard Lucas, 1826, b. 1815.

Vanderzee, George, 1812, b. 1799. Solicitor.

Vanderzee, George Yorke, 1863, b. 1851.

Vanderzee, Henry, 1813. Brother of George Vanderzee (above), b. 1801.

Vane, Francis Patrick, 1873. Son of Frederick Henry Vane, formerly of the 12th Lancers, b. 1861. Lieut. Worcestershire Militia.

Vane, Frederick, 1809-11. Son of Col. William Walter Vane, of Canfield Hall, Essex, b. 1793. Queens Coll. Oxf. Rector of Bletchingdon, Oxon; died 1865.

Vane, Walter, 1808-9. Son of Sir Fredk. Fletcher Vane, 2nd Bart. b. 1795; died 1814 of wounds received in the sortie from Bayonne.

Vane, William Lyonel, 1873-77. Son of Henry Morgan Vane. b. 1859. Clare Hall, Cam. R.M. Coll. Sandhurst.

Vaughan, Henry Bathurst, 1871, b. 1858.

Vaughan,* James Barrington, 1862-65, b. 1850.

Vautier, Augustus, 1806-9.

Venables,* Cavendish, 1844 49. Son of Mr. Venables, Sec. to Sir Robert Peel. b. 1833. Capt. 57th Regt. Served in the Crimea. Drowned in British Columbia.

Venables, Charles John, 1877. Of Avon House, Fordingbridge. b. 1865.

Venables, Cuthbert Edward, 1877.

Venables,* Edmund Ernest, 1861, b. 1849.

Venables, George Stovin, 1822-28. Son of the Ven. Richard Venables, Archdeacon of Carmarthen, b. 1810. Fellow and Tutor of Jesus Coll. Cam. 1st Class Lit. Hum. Prize for English Verse. Barrister. Q.C.

Venables, Joseph Henry, 1825-34. Brother of the above. b. 1813. Jesus Coll. Cam. Barrister. J.P. for Breconshire and Radnorshire; died 1866.

Venables, Richard Lister, 1822-27. Brother of the above. b. 1809. Emm. Coll. Cam. Chairman of the Radnor Quarter Sessions. Of Lysdinam, Brecon. Late Vicar of Clyro.

Venables, Thomas Evelyn, 1849-52. Brother of Cavendish Venables (above), b. 1835. Merchant.

Venables, William, 1824, b. 1815. Ex. Coll. Oxf. Medical Practitioner; died 1845.

Venn, John, 1817-18. Son of Rev. John Venn, Rector of Clapham. b. 1802. Fellow of Queens Coll. Cam. Bell's Scholar. 12th Wrangler. For many years Incumbent of St. Peter's, and subsequently Rector of St. Owens, Hereford. Prebendary of Hereford.

Verelst, Courtenay Lee, 1871. Son of Charles Verelst, of Aston Hall, Rotherham. b. 1855. Coffee Planter in Ceylon.

Verelst, Horace Devereux, 1871. Brother of the above. b. 1857. Coffee Planter in Ceylon.

Vernon, Edward, 1839. Left the same year. b. 1823.

Versturme, Henry Palairet, 1876. Son of Major Versturme, of Clifton. Late 59th Regt. b. 1864.

Vian, Alsager Richard, 1876. Son of William John Vian, of Beckenham, Kent. b. 1863.

Vickers, James William, 1873. Son of J. W. Vickers, of St. Winifreds, Reigate.

Vigne, Augustus, 1822. Son of Thomas Vigne, of Woodford, Essex, b. 1808. Of Bayswater; deceased.

Vigne, Robert, 1820. Son of Henry Vigne, of Church Hill, Walthamstow. b. 1807; deceased.

Vigne, Thomas Aislabie, 1848-53. Son of Augustus Vigne (above), b. 1837. Worc. Coll. Oxf. Now of Cheltenham.

Villiers, Edward Ernest, 1817. Son of the Hon. George Villiers. b. 1806. Fellow of Mert. Coll. Oxf.; died 1843.

Viner, John Robert, 1819, b. 1809.

Vintcent, Alwyn Ignatius, 1877. Son of L, A. Vintcent, of Cape Town.

Vintcent, Joseph, 1877. Brother of the above.

Vores, Charles Henry Stiverd, 1875. Son of Stiverd Vores, of Hastings.

Vyvyan,* Wilmot Lushington, 1874. Son of Rev. Sir V. D. Vyvyan, Bart., Rector of Withiel, Bodmin. b. 1861.