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MARTIN, FREDERICK (1830–1883), miscellaneous writer, born at Geneva on 19 Nov. 1830, was educated at Heidelberg; he settled in England at an early age. For some years subsequent to 1856 he was secretary and amanuensis to Thomas Carlyle, whom he aided in his historical researches; his knowledge of German and capacity for work made him very useful. He died on 27 Jan. 1883 at his house in Lady Margaret Road, N.W., leaving a widow and family.

Martin started a short-lived biographical magazine called 'The Statesman,' in which he began an account of Carlyle's early life, but as the latter did not approve, he discontinued it. He inaugurated the 'Statesman's Year-Book' in 1864, and in 1879 Lord Beaconsfield, struck by its usefulness, conferred upon him a pension of 100l. a year. He continued to supervise his 'Year-Book' till December 1882, when he was compelled by ill-health to give it up, and it was undertaken by Mr. J. Scott Keltie. He wrote largely for various papers, and was an occasional contributor to the 'Athenæum.'

Martin contributed a memoir of Chatterton, prefixed to an edition of the latter's 'Poems' (1865), superintended a new edition of MacCulloch's 'Geographical Dictionary' (1866), contributed vol. ii. of 'The National History of England' (1873, &c.), and revised the fifth edition of Townsend's 'Manual of Dates' (1877).

Among his other works may be mentioned: 1. 'The Life of John Clare,' 8vo, London, 1866. 2. 'Stories of Banks and Bankers,' 8vo, London, 1866. 3. 'Commercial Handbook of France,' 8vo, London, 1867. 4. 'The Story of Alec Drummond of the 17th Lancers,' 3 vols. 8vo, London, 1869. 6. 'Handbook of Contemporary Biography,' 8vo, London, 1870. 6. 'The History of Lloyd's and of Marine Insurance in Great Britain,' 8vo, London, 1876. 7. 'The Property and Revenues of the English Church Establishment,' 8vo, London, 1877.

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