McConnell, William (DNB00)

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McCONNELL, WILLIAM (1833–1867), illustrative artist, born in 1833, made his mark early in life as a draughtsman on wood of illustrations to books of a humorous nature. Among his earliest works were the illustrations to Oliver Oldfellow's 'Our School' (1857), G. F. Pardon's 'The Months' (1858), and G. A. Sala's 'Twice Round the Clock;' the last work attracted considerable attention. Subsequently, however, McConnell fell into ill-health, which impeded his progress in his profession, and after being generously supported in his last days by his brother artists, he died of consumption in London on 14 May 1867. A few weeks before his death he made a series of rough sketches, which he did not live to place on the wood, but which were publishesd after his death under the title of 'Upside Down, or Turnover Traits,' with illustrative verses by Thomas Hood the younger.

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