Men of the Time, eleventh edition

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Men of the Time, eleventh edition (1884)
by Thompson Cooper
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A Dictionary of Contemporaries,

















THE scope and object of Men of the Time, now in its Eleventh Edition, are so clearly indicated on its title-page, that it is scarcely necessary to dwell upon them at any length. The work was originally undertaken to fill a place till then unoccupied by any of the multifarious books of reference which the industry and enterprise of the age have provided for almost every class of the community. We have records of the aristocracy of birth and wealth, in the form of Peerages and Histories of the Landed Gentry; we have Court Calendars and Parliamentary Guides, which leave no official dignity, no part of the Civil Service, unchronicled; we have Post Office Directories for the registration of commercial and industrial occupations of every kind; we have lists also of Military and Naval Officers, and of the Clergy, which set forth the rank and services of the members of those professions; Lawyers and Medical Men have likewise their respective muster-rolls; but the aristocracy of intellect had been left, until this work first appeared, without any special record. The aim of the present volume, then, is to furnish memoirs of eminent living persons, of both sexes, in all parts of the civilized world.

The present edition of Men of the Time is to all intents and purposes a new book. Four years have elapsed since the appearance of the Tenth Edition, and during that period no fewer than 434 individuals who were noticed in its columns, have been removed by death. Their places are occupied in the present edition by memoirs of persons whose names have during the same period come prominently before the public.

Besides preparing these new biographies, the Editor has carefully revised all the memoirs in the work, entirely re-casting many, and making additions to nearly all of them.

At the end of the volume is a Necrology containing the names of eminent persons deceased, with the dates of the birth and death, and reference to the last edition of this work in which their biography is to be found.

As it is the desire of the Publishers to render the work as accurate and complete as possible, suggestions for new names, corrections, and additional information, are respectfully invited. All communications addressed to Mr. Thompson Cooper, F.S.A., care of Messrs. Routledge and Sons, The Broadway, Ludgate, E.C., will be thankfully received.

London, Jan. 1, 1884.



A. See Arnold. M.

A. B. G. See Airy, Sir G. B.

Amicus. See Fairbairn, Sir Tho.

Baptistet. See Daudet, A.

Bard, Samuel A. See Squier, E.G.

Bede, Cuthbert. See, Bradley, Rev. E.

Benauly. See Abbott, Lyman.

Béranger, Paul. See Collin, J. A. S. C. D.

Bibliophile Jacob. See Lacroix, P.

Bideford, The Rural Postman of. See Capern, E.

Bon Gaultier. See Martin, Sir T.

Botham, Miss M. See Howitt, Mrs. M.

Breitmann, Hans. See Leland.

Butler, Mrs. See Kemble, F. A.

Bystander. See Smith, Goldwin.

Caldwell, Miss A. See Marsh-Caldwell, Mrs. A.

Candide. See Claretie, J. A. A.

Carle. See Sardou, F. J.

Carvalho. See Miolan-Carvalho, Madame M. C.

Clifton, Miss Fanny. See Stirling, Mrs.

Clifton, Tom. See Robbins, A. F.

Crawley, Captain. See Pardon, G. F.

Croquelardon. See Collin, J.A.S.C.D.

Cuthbert Bede. See Bradley, Rev. E.

Dagonet. See Sims, G. R.

De Plancy. See Collin, J.A.S.C.D.

Désiré Hazard. See Feuillet, O.

Dunheved. See Robbins, A. F.

Expertus. See McColl, M.

Father Jean. See Beal.

Félix. See Martin, B. L. H.

Felix de Salamanca. See Ingram, J. H.

Ferragus. See Ulbach, Louis.

Fin-Bec. See Jerrold, W. B.

"Five," The. See Ollivier, O. E.

"Flemish Interiors," author of. See Byrne, Mrs. W. P.

Flyggare, Madame. See Carlén, Madame E. F.

Forrester, Gilbert. See Braddon, Miss M. E.

Francis, Miss M. See Thornycroft, Mrs. M.

Gail Hamilton. See Dodge.

Garrow, Miss. See Trollope, T. A.

Gaston, Marie. See Daudet, A.

Gigliucci, Countess. See Novello, C. A.

Gilbert de Voisins, Countess. See Taglioni, M.

Gilbert Forrester. See Braddon, Miss M. E.

Girl of the Period. See Linton, Mrs.

Goff, Elijer. See Dawes, W.

Goward, Miss. See Keeley, Mrs.

Gower, Lady G. See Fullerton, Lady G.

Greenwood, Grace. See Lippincott.

Grillo, Marchioness del. See Ristori, A.

Hamilton, Gail. See Dodge, M. A.

Hazard, Désiré. See Feuillet, O.

Hehl, Miss. See Stirling, Mrs.

Hertfordshire Incumbent. See Blakesley, J. W.

Historicus. See Harcourt.

Hope, Stanley. See Hodges, J. S. W.

Hormisdas-Peath. See Collin, J. A. S. C. D.

Irner. See Martin, B. L. H.

Isa. See Craig, I.

Jacob, Bibliophile. See Lacroix, P.

Jacques Souffrant. See Ulbach, L.

Jean Froissart. See Daudet, A.

John Halifax, Author of. See Mulock, Miss D. M.

K. C. See Kent, W. C. M.

Lancashire Incumbent. See Hume, A.

Limner, Luke. See Leighton, J.

London Physician. See Guy, W. A.

Lynn, Miss E. See Linton, Mrs. E.

Mariotti, L. See Gallenga.

Mark Rochester. See Kent, C.

Mark Twain. See Clemens.

Marvell, Ik. See Mitchell, D. G.

Maynard, Walter. See Beale, T. W.

Meredith, Owen. See Lytton, Lord.

Milnes, Monckton. See Houghton, Baron.

Montague, Miss E. L. See Hervey, E. L.

Myrtle, Minnie. See Miller, Joaquin.

Nemesis. See Beal; Robbins A. F.

Neveu de mon Oncle. See Collin, J. A. S. C. D.

Novello, Miss M. See Clarke, Mrs. M. C.

O'Keefe. See Belloc, Madame A. S. L.

Oscotian, An. See Kent, W. C. M.

Ouida. See De la Ramée, L.

Parkes, Mrs. See Sedgwick, A.

Pathfinder of the Rocky Mountains, The. See Fremont, J. C.

Paul Béranger. See Collin, J. A. S. C. D.

Postman, The Rural, of Bideford. See Capern, E.

Price, Miss. See Wood, Mrs. H.

Rigby, Miss E. See Eastlake, Lady.

Rob Roy. See Macgregor, J.

Roberts, Captain. See Hobart, A. C.

Rochester, Mark. See Kent, C.

Roslyn, Guy. See Hatton, Joshua.

Rowlands, John. See Stanley, H. M.

St. Léon, Madame. See Cerito, F.

Samarrow, Gregor. See Meding, Oscar

Schmidt, Mdlle. See Carlén, Madame E. F.

Scrutator. See McColl, M.

S. G. O. See Osborne, The Rev. Lord S. G.

Smith, Miss B. L. See Bodichon, Madame.

Smith, Miss C. L. See Gascoigne, Mrs. C. L.

Souffrant, Jacques. See Ulbach, L.

Stephens, Mrs. S. L. See Duvernay, Y. M. L.

Templar. See Kent, C.

Thomas, Annie. See Cudlip, Mrs.

Toulmin, Miss C. See Crosland, Mrs. C.

Trevor, Edward. See Lytton, Lord.

Twain, Mark. See Clemens, S. L.

Twamley, Miss L. See Meredith, Mrs. L.

Verax. See Dunckley, H.

Vermond, Louis de. See Enault, L.

Voisins, Countess Gilbert de. See Taglioni, M.

Woolgar, Miss S. J. See Mellon, Mrs. A.

Yankee. See White, R. G.

Zeta. See Froude, J. A.