Milverley, William (DNB00)

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MILVERLEY, WILLIAM (fl. 1350), schoolman, was an Oxford student, who flourished in the middle of the fourteenth century. In Latin he is called Milverlegus. He wrote: 1. ‘Compendium de quinque universalibus,’ incipit ‘Pro superficiali noticia.’ Of this there are numerous manuscripts at Oxford, Bodley MS. O. C. 2593, New College 289, ff. 58-63, Oriel College 35, ff. 1-4, Magdalen College 162, ff. 1-4, and 47, ff. 34-7, where it is entitled ‘Universalia abbreviata,’ and Corpus Christi College 103, ff. 32-40, from which it appears that it is a commentary on the work of Porphyrius. 2. ‘Commentarii in sex principia Gilberti Porretani,’ MS. Oriel College 35, ff. 134-152, Magdalen College 47, ff. 67-86, and Lambeth 393, ff. 143b-184. 3. ‘Sophismata. De incipere, differre et scire.’ In MS. New College 289 we have ‘Materia bona et utilis de inceptione secundum Mag. W. Mylverlye’ on f. 71, ‘Materia … de Differt’ on f. 81, and ‘Materia … de scientia’ on f. 90. In Corpus Christi College MS. 116, f. 5, there is ‘Materia de incipit Mirwirley.’ Tanner attributes to Milverley the anonymous tract ‘De qualitate’ in MS. C.C.C. Oxon. 103, which is perhaps more probably assigned to John Chilmark [q. v.]

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