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THIS match, like that with Herr Harrwitz, was played at the Cafe de la Regence, in Paris. It was commenced on the 20th December, 1858, and brought to a conclusion in the short space of eight days. The winner of the first seven games was to be the victor. At the termination of the match Mr, Morphy has scored sever, Anderssen two — two had been drawn. This contest excited intense interest throughout the continent of Europe. Herr Anderssen exjoyed the reputation in France, German and elsewhere of being the first player in Europe. It will be remembered that he successfully competed for the highest honors and defeated Mr. Staunton at the Internation Tournament, held in the British Metropolis, during the Great Exhibition of 1851.

Game I—Evan's Gambit
Game II—Ruy Lopez Knight's Game
Game III—Ruy Lopez Knight's Game
Game IV—Ruy Lopez Knight's Game
Game V—Irregular Opening
Game VI—Irregular Opening
Game VII—Irregular Opening
Game VIII—Sicilian Opening
Game IX—Sicilian Opening
Game X—French Opening