The Pearl/Volume 18/My Grandmother's Tale or May's Account of Her Introduction to the Art of Love

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The Pearl
Printed for the Society of Vice
My Grandmother's Tale or May's Account of Her Introduction to the Art of Love

From an Unsophisticated Manuscript, Found Amongst the Old Lady's Papers After Her Death, Supposed To Have Been Written About A.D. 1797.


Uncle got up and came to meet me, saying: "Welcome, Susey, I am glad you have come! How blooming you look! You must want your supper after such a long ride."

I threw my arms around his neck and kissing him, said: "Thank you, dear Uncle, for all your great kindness and especially for this lovely silk dress and the pretty garters you gave me."

"Does the dress fit you, my dear?" he asked, placing his hands on my bosom and squeezing it gently.

"Yes, Uncle dear," I said. We then had supper, and Uncle insisted on my drinking four glasses of the champagne, which I found warmed up my blood as doubtless Uncle intended it should do.

After supper he said: "Susey, if you love me, show me your garters."

"Oh, Uncle!" I replied blushingly, "would that be decent and proper?"

"You are an ungrateful girl to refuse the first trifling request I make," he said.

"Not ungrateful, Uncle," I replied; "see here, please examine my pretty garters," and I stretched out both my legs as I continued sitting in my chair. Uncle was on his knees between my legs in a moment, and put his hands first on one garter and then on the other, unclasping them and kissing my thighs just above the stockings.

Then he said: "Dear Susey, do you know that your mother was my favourite sister? And that as children we used to sleep together, and were fond of taking off each other's nightdress and of examining the difference in our naked bodies, and making water in the same pot. And now, dear Susey, I want to tell you that your dear mother on her death-bed confided you to my care, and I have paid for your education and maintenance all your life; and now I hope you will love me and be a comfort to me in my declining years."

"Yes, dear Uncle," I said, "you may depend on my doing everything in my power to give you pleasure."

"That's a good girl," said Uncle. "But now you can do something this minute to please me, and that is to show me your cunny!"

I told him he could look at it if he wished. So as I was seated in an easy-chair he lifted one of my legs over an arm of the chair and telling me to hold my clothing and chemise out of the way, he exposed my cunny and bottom-hole to his delighted view, and covered both with kisses, sucking and putting his tongue as far as possible into both places. The end of this, of course, was that I gave down my liquor of love over his tongue and he greedily sucked up every drop, declaring it was most delicious. After this he pulled out his prick and pretended to me that he had fucked my mother, therefore he had a right to do the same to me! I laughed at this reasoning and feigning ignorance of his meaning asked him to explain everything. He then laid me on the sofa before the fire and undressed me and also himself, all the time praising the whiteness of my skin, and then, dearest May, he fucked me, and fancied he was the first that had penetrated my virgin slit, as he fondly called it.

Now I must close this letter, hoping you have had as much pleasure as I have in the way of fucking. By the way, dear May, why don't you get your father to fuck you? Uncle says you would find it delicious, for he knows your father well and says he remembers that his cock is both long and very thick!

I remain, darling May, your loving friend, SUSEY.

P.S.-Be sure and keep this letter a secret and don't let your father see it for the world! Write soon and tell me everything.

I put this precious letter in my pocket and then remembered that Kate had never told me how she first became acquainted with my father. So I went into the dining-room in search of her and found her and papa sitting on the sofa, with their private parts exposed and each was fondling and touching the other's genitals.

Papa caught sight of me and called out: "Come in May, I want you most particularly." I went up to him. He continued: "I want to see if the hair on your cunny is as fine and silky as this on Kate's cunt. Now be a good obedient girl and I will give you a silk dress and you shall choose the colour yourself."

How this promise dazzled me! I had had only one silk dress many years before and now the promise of choosing one myself conjured up visions of beauty to my mind's eye.

I replied quickly: "Yes, dear papa, I will do all you require," and I raised up my clothing as I stood in front of him.

"That is not convenient," he said. "You had better slip off your clothes except the chemise. Kate will help you." So in a few moments my dress and petticoats were on the ground and I was en chemise as I did not wear drawers in those days. In taking my dress over my head my pocket was emptied on the carpet and the letter caught my father's eye. "Oh, a love letter," he cried, "fine goings on, Miss May! I must read this letter from your favoured lover!" and he picked it up and commenced to read it.

"It is not a love letter," I said, "but one from my school-friend Susey who is in Scotland with her uncle."

"All the same I shall read it aloud," said my father. And he did so.

And Kate whispered to me: "Don't be afraid of anything, May dearest, I will take your part."

My father was delighted with Susey's letter and as his breeches were unbuttoned as he sat on the sofa I could see his pego rise to a fine erection as he came to some of her descriptive passages. At last he came to the end where she advised me to get my father to fuck me, and then he cried out: "Sensible girl this Susey! I wish she were here now. I must invite her and her uncle, my old friend, on a visit this summer, and we will have glorious times! But at present I am concerned to examine closely my daughter's cunny! And if she consents, willingly will I fuck her for I cannot use force to my own daughter, I love her too well for that! Only if she cheerfully consents to let me have my will, she shall have five guineas in addition to the silk dress and I will take her to the theatre one night each week!"

I exclaimed: "You dear kind papa! How much I love you! Yes, do whatever you like with me and teach me how to give you pleasure. I hope, dear Kate will not be jealous of poor little me?"

"No, no, dearest May," said Kate. "I shall never be jealous of you or any other girl your papa wished to fuck; in fact I should like to see him fuck all the girls in the parish, if he wanted to!"

Papa said: "Generous-hearted Kate, you shall never have cause to regret such unselfish conduct. It was the perfect nobleness and disinterestedness of your character which attracted me to you, and the more I see of your mental superiority the more I bless the hour we first became acquainted with each other! Now May, I am ready to fuck you!"

"And I, dear papa, am ready to be fucked," I replied smiling. Kate insisted on papa stripping himself perfectly naked and also on removing my smock. She then told papa to lie flat on his back with his prick standing erect; she then made me lie on top of him and she slapped my bottom in time to papa's heaves and thrusts until the crisis came and my womb was deluged with paternal sperm.

I was swimming in delight and could not help calling out: "Thank you a thousand times, dear papa, for this delicious treat!"

"And thank you, my darling child, for giving me such exquisite pleasure," replied papa.

In the next bout our positions were altered and Kate took part in the pastime, placing herself in such a position that papa could see her cunny while he fucked mine. We changed positions many times until papa said he must rest from his labours of love, and after partaking of refreshments we all three went to papa's bedroom and fell asleep on his bed, one on each side of him.

In the morning I asked papa to tell me how he became acquainted with Kate, and he replied as follows: "Last Christmas I went up to London for a holiday and at my club I met with several old friends, who had daughters at school with Madame Stewart at Hampton Court. Sir Thomas Moreton, my neighbour, was one of the party, and while drinking our wine, we talked about our experiences in fucking, and afterwards the conversation turned to the subject of schoolmistresses whipping their scholars' bottoms. I argued that it was not done nowadays but might have been done years ago.

"Sir Thomas laid me a £50 bet that I was wrong and offered to take me to Mme. Stewart's to prove it.

"I accepted his wager and on the following Saturday evening accompanied him to Mme. Stewart's to put his wager to the test.

"We were conducted to a room fitted up with all kinds of punishment apparatus and at one end was a raised dais or platform, under which we seated ourselves, and the door being closed we found the front of the platform was pierced with peepholes in all directions so we had a perfect view of the room, which was brilliantly lighted up with wax candles whilst our recess was dark.

"Presently six girls were brought in by the governess and Madame Stewart ascended the dais over our heads and gave orders for the number of stripes and read the list of offences.

"The fair culprits were placed with their bottoms towards the dais so we had a full view of their struggles and wrigglings as the rod fell on their thighs and bottoms and we had many a peep at the tender cunny which peeped from between their legs.

"My Kate was one that was punished on that occasion and I was especially attracted by the quivering of the lips of her cunny as the rod fell on her lovely bottom. At last I was sure I could see the dear girl give down the pearly drops in pleasurable emission. Such sensitiveness charmed me, and when the punishment was over I made an offer to Madame Stewart to take Kate home with me as a fucking-piece, offering her a bribe.

"Madame demurred at first then said the matter should be left to Kate's decision.

"She was called into the room and I told her how I was smitten with the sight of her naked charms and wanted her to come and live with me a few months every year.

"She first looked at my standing prick and then enquired if it would be any advantage to Madame Stewart and that if it would, she would come with me.

"I told her I offered Madame £50. 'Then,' said Kate, 'I will go with you and trust in your honour as to your treatment of me.'

"Such disinterested conduct is most uncommon in this money-loving age and I love and honour Kate for it."

I told my father I was sure he would be generous to both Kate and myself. He told me he was anxious I should be married to a gentleman of his acquaintance, an elderly rich widower. I enquired how he knew anything about me and what was his name? To which my father replied his name was Mr. Sinclair and it was his cock I had become acquainted with, that he was over eighty years old, so I should be a rich widow probably in a few years. That the old gent was able to do a fair amount of fucking, but if I wanted more I could easily get a young man for a pound a week to do it for me. I consented to my father's propositions and we invited Mr. T (the resident tutor at the school mentioned at the beginning of my tale), to come to the wedding. We also invited Susey and her uncle.

They all came and I was married one fine May morning out of compliment to my name. After the ceremony the clergyman asked permission to have the first kiss on my cunny, which I granted him in the vestry. We went for our wedding tour to the Isle of Wight for a month during which time my husband was satisfied he had got me with a child. He then gave me permission to have as much outside fucking as I wanted. I told him I should wait until we got home as I was longing for a taste of Mr. T's noble tool and also for my dear father's prick. My husband was pleased with my determination and engaged Mr. T as librarian, and in that capacity he remained until the lamented decease of Mr. Sinclair at the age of ninety, who left me with one daughter nine years old, and all his money.

As soon after his death as was decent I married Mr. S- whom I found to be one of the best husbands. Susey often pays us a visit and brings young girls with her to please Mr. T who has a penchant for the unfledged cunny, and often has a game of blindman's buff with the naked children, and a romp with my little Agnes when she is naked. The little darling is now twelve years old and very proud of being able to make "her new papa's cocky get big," as she says, by rubbing her little cunny against its head. Mr. T anticipates the pleasure of taking her maidenhead when she is fourteen. I tell him that it is too early and that he ought to wait until she is fifteen, but he is so impatient that I fear he will have his own way. So good reader, both lady and gentleman, farewell! And may you never want a fuck, Nor yet a prick or cunt to suck.