Mylne, Robert (1643?-1747) (DNB00)

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MYLNE, ROBERT (1643?–1747), writer of pasquils and antiquary, said to have been related to Sir Robert Mylne of Barnton, North Edinburghshire, was probably born in November 1643. He is generally described as a ‘writer’ of Edinburgh, but also as an engraver; he gained notoriety by his bitter and often scurrilous political squibs against the whigs, but he also devoted much time and labour to copying manuscripts of antiquarian and historical interest. George Crawfurd, in the preface to his ‘History of the Shire of Renfrew,’ acknowledges his indebtedness to the ‘vast collections of public records’ belonging to Mylne, ‘a person well known to be indefatigable in the study of Scots antiquities.’ Among Mylne's other friends was Archibald Pitcairne [q. v.] Mylne died at Edinburgh on 21 Nov. 1747, aged 103 according to some accounts, and 105 according to others, and was buried on the anniversary of his birthday.

Mylne married on 29 Aug. 1678, in the Tolbooth Church, Edinburgh, Barbara, second daughter of John Govean, minister at Muckart, Perthshire; she died on 11 Dec. 1725, having had twelve children, all of whom, except one daughter, Margaret, predeceased their father.

Many of Mylne's pasquils were separately issued in his lifetime, but others were circulated only in manuscript. From a collection brought together by Mylne's son Robert, James Maidment published, with an introduction and a few similar compositions by other writers, ‘A Book of Scottish Pasquils,’ 3 pts., Edinburgh, 1827; another edition appeared in 1868. In the Advocates' Library, Edinburgh, there is a pamphlet, apparently by Mylne, entitled ‘The Oath of Abjuration Considered,’ 1712, 4to, and a complete manuscript catalogue of Mylne's printed broadsides.

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