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United States Code
by the United States Government
Title 12, Chapter 13. National Housing

See Title 12, Chapter 13 in the Cornell Law School U.S. Code Collection

Chapter 13—National Housing

§ 1701. Short title.[edit]

This chapter may be cited as the ``National Housing Act´´.
(June 27, 1934, ch. 847, 48 Stat. 1246.)

§ 1701a. Short title of Amendment of 1938.[edit]

The Act of February 3, 1938, ch. 13, 52 Stat. 8, may be cited as the ``National Housing Act Amendments of 1938´´.

§ 1701b. Short title of Amendment of 1942.[edit]

The Act of May 26, 1942, ch. 319, 56 Stat. 301, may be cited as the ``National Housing Act Amendments of 1942´´.

§ 1701c. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.[edit]

§ 1701c-1. Omitted.[edit]

§ 1701d. Repealed.[edit]

§ 1701d-1. Repealed.[edit]

§ 1701d-2. Repealed.[edit]

§ 1701d-3. Repealed.[edit]

§ 1701d-4. Exchange and assembly of housing and urban planning and development data; payment of expenses; acceptance of funds, services, facilities, materials, and other donations; approval of Secretary of State for international programs and activities.[edit]

§ 1701e. Repealed.[edit]

§ 1701f. Repealed.[edit]

§ 1701f-1. Repealed.[edit]

§ 1701g. Omitted.[edit]

§ 1701g-1. Omitted.[edit]

§ 1701g-2. Omitted.[edit]

§ 1701g-3. Omitted.[edit]

§ 1701g-4. Omitted.[edit]

§ 1701g-5. Revolving fund in connection with liquidating programs.[edit]

§ 1701g-5a. Transfer of New Communities Fund assets and liabilities.[edit]

§ 1701g-5b. Liquidation of New Communities Program; cancellation of debt.[edit]

§ 1701g-5c. Transfer of rehabilitation loan fund assets and liabilities.[edit]

§ 1701h. Advisory committees; payment of transportation and other expenses.[edit]

§ 1701h-1. Housing for elderly persons advisory committee.[edit]

§ 1701i. Omitted.[edit]

§ 1701i-1. Omitted.[edit]

§ 1701j. Repealed.[edit]

§ 1701j-1. Builder’s certification as to construction.[edit]

§ 1701j-2. National Institute of Building Sciences.[edit]

§ 1701j-3. Preemption of due-on-sale prohibitions.[edit]

§ 1701k. Right to redeem property on which United States has lien.[edit]

§ 1701l. Limitation on interest rates of insured mortgages; terms of sales.[edit]

§ 1701l-1. Mortgage proceeds fraudulently misappropriated by mortgagor; recovery of deficiency after foreclosure.[edit]

§ 1701m. Credit and cancellation of notes transferred from Reconstruction Finance Corporation; net loss computation.[edit]

§ 1701n. Reduction of vulnerability of congested urban areas to enemy attack.[edit]

§ 1701o. Annual report of Secretary.[edit]

§ 1701p. Contents of report to President and Congress.[edit]

§ 1701p-1. Periodic report on residential mortgage delinquencies and foreclosures.[edit]

§ 1701q. Supportive housing for the elderly.[edit]

§ 1701q-1. Civil money penalties against mortgagors under section 1701q of this title.[edit]

§ 1701q-2. Grants for conversion of elderly housing to assisted living facilities.[edit]

§ 1701q-3. Funds for housing for elderly and persons with disabilities available for cost of maintenance and disposal of such properties.[edit]

§ 1701r. Congressional findings respecting housing for senior citizens.[edit]

§ 1701r-1. Pet ownership in assisted rental housing for the elderly or handicapped.[edit]

§ 1701s. Rent supplement payments for qualified lower income families.[edit]

§ 1701t. Congressional affirmation of national goal of decent homes and suitable living environment for American families.[edit]

§ 1701u. Economic opportunities for low- and very low-income persons.[edit]

§ 1701v. Congressional findings and declaration for improved architectural design in Government housing programs.[edit]

§ 1701w. Budget, debt management, and related counseling services for mortgagors; authorization of appropriations.[edit]

§ 1701x. Assistance with respect to housing for low- and moderate-income families.[edit]

§ 1701y. National Homeownership Foundation.[edit]

§ 1701z. New technologies in the development of housing for lower income families.[edit]

§ 1701z-1. Research and demonstrations; authorization of appropriations; continuing availability of funds.[edit]

§ 1701z-2. Advanced technologies, methods, and materials for housing construction, rehabilitation, and maintenance.[edit]

§ 1701z-3. Experimental housing allowance payment program.[edit]

§ 1701z-4. Abandoned properties demonstration project.[edit]

§ 1701z-5. Demonstrations of heating or cooling residential housing utilizing solar energy.[edit]

§ 1701z-6. Special housing need research and demonstration authority.[edit]

§ 1701z-7. Studies to determine extent of need for counseling to mortgagors; report to Congress.[edit]

§ 1701z-8. Energy conservation and renewable-resource demonstration.[edit]

§ 1701z-9. Expansion of home ownership opportunities in urban areas.[edit]

§ 1701z-10. Model rehabilitation guidelines in inspection and approval of rehabilitated properties; report to Congress.[edit]

§ 1701z-10a. Biennial survey of economic and housing market conditions.[edit]

§ 1701z-11. Management and disposition of multifamily housing projects.[edit]

§ 1701z-12. Housing access.[edit]

§ 1701z-13. Solar energy for single-family and multifamily housing units.[edit]

§ 1701z-14. Lower cost technology demonstration program.[edit]

§ 1701z-15. Approval of individual residential water purification or treatment units.[edit]

Subchapter I — Housing Renovation and Modernization[edit]

Subchapter II — Mortgage Insurance[edit]

Subchapter III — National Mortgage Associations[edit]

Subchapter IV — Insurance of Savings and Loan Accounts[edit]

Subchapter V — Miscellaneous[edit]

Subchapter VI — War Housing Insurance[edit]

Subchapter VII — Insurance for Investments in Rental Housing for Families of Moderate Income[edit]

Subchapter VIII — Armed Services Housing Mortgage Insurance[edit]

Subchapter IX — Housing for Educational Institutions[edit]

Subchapter IX-A — Mortgage Insurance for Land Development and New Communities[edit]

Subchapter IX-B — Mortgage Insurance for Group Practice Facilities and Medical Practice Facilities[edit]

Subchapter IX-C — National Insurance Development Program[edit]

Subchapter X — National Defense Housing Insurance[edit]

Subchapter XI — Voluntary Home Mortgage Credit[edit]


Short Title of 1959 Amendment
Pub. L. 86–372, § 1, Sept. 23, 1959, 73 Stat. 654, provided:
That this Act [1] may be cited as the ``Housing Act of 1959´´.”

  1. The Act which first enacted sections 1701q, 1715t to 1715w, and 1748–2 of this title, and section 1463 of Title 42, The Public Health and Welfare, amending sections 24, 1464, 1703, 1706c, 1709, 1710, 1713, 1715c to 1715e, 1715h, 1715k–1715m, 1715r, 1717, 1719 to 1721, 1723b, 1731a, 1747, 1748b, 1748g, 1748h–1, 1749, 1749a, 1749c, and 1750jj of this title, sections 461 and 462 of former Title 40, Public Buildings, Property and Works, and sections 1401, 1402, 1410, 1415, 1450, 1451, 1452, 1453, 1455, 1456, 1457, 1460, 1586, 1594a and 1594j of Title 42, repealing section 1715i of this title, and enacting provisions set out as notes under sections 1720 and 1721 of this title and under sections 1456, 1460, 1476 and 1592c of Title 42