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71975United States CodeTitle 50, Chapter 15. National Securitythe United States Government
Chapter 15—National Security

§ 401. Congressional declaration of purpose.[edit]

In enacting this legislation,[1] it is the intent of Congress to provide a comprehensive program for the future security of the United States; to provide for the establishment of integrated policies and procedures for the departments, agencies, and functions of the Government relating to the national security; to provide a Department of Defense, including the three military Departments of the Army, the Navy (including naval aviation and the United States Marine Corps), and the Air Force under the direction, authority, and control of the Secretary of Defense; to provide that each military department shall be separately organized under its own Secretary and shall function under the direction, authority, and control of the Secretary of Defense; to provide for their unified direction under civilian control of the Secretary of Defense but not to merge these departments or services; to provide for the establishment of unified or specified combatant commands, and a clear and direct line of command to such commands; to eliminate unnecessary duplication in the Department of Defense, and particularly in the field of research and engineering by vesting its overall direction and control in the Secretary of Defense; to provide more effective, efficient, and economical administration in the Department of Defense; to provide for the unified strategic direction of the combatant forces, for their operation under unified command, and for their integration into an efficient team of land, naval, and air forces but not to establish a single Chief of Staff over the armed forces nor an overall armed forces general staff.

§ 401a. Definitions.[edit]

Subchapter 1. Coordination for National Security[edit]

Subchapter 2. Miscellaneous and Conforming Provisions[edit]

Subchapter 3. Accountability for Intelligence Activities[edit]

Subchapter 4. Protection of Certain National Security Information[edit]

Subchapter 5. Protection of Operational Files[edit]

Subchapter 6. Access to Classified Information[edit]

Subchapter 7. Application of Sanctions Laws to Intelligence Activities[edit]

Subchapter 7A. Education in Support of National Intelligence[edit]

Subchapter 8. Additional Miscellaneous Provisions[edit]


  1. Section 1 of act July 26, 1947 (ch. 343, 61 Stat. 495) provided:
    “That this Act may be cited as the ``National Security Act of 1947´´.”