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NETTERVILLE or NUTREVILLA, LUCAS de (d. 1227), archbishop of Armagh, member of an Anglo-Norman family in Ireland, was appointed archdeacon of Armagh about 1207. The diocesan chapter of Armagh in 1216 chose Netterville as archbishop of that primatial see, then vacant; but their act was annulled on the ground that the assent of the crown of England had not previously been obtained. After a money composition a new election was held, under royal authority, and Netterville was appointed to the archbishopric. On 6 July 1218 the king wrote to the pope saying he had given his assent to Netterville's election, and asking for papal confirmation. The pallium was sent to him from Rome, and he received consecration from Stephen Langton. Netterville, after his return to Ireland in 1224, commenced the erection of an establishment near Drogheda for members of the Dominican order. An instrument executed by Netterville as archbishop of Armagh and primate of all Ireland, together with his attestations as witness, previous to his advancement to the prelacy, will be found in the register books of the Dublin abbeys of St. Mary and St. Thomas. Netterville died on 17 April 1227, and was buried, it is said, at Drogheda.

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