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196 O Tender and Sweet Was the Master's Voice
(OVER THE LINE. 10, 8, 10, 8. With Refrain)
N. K. Bradford Edward H. Phelps

1.O tender and sweet was the Master's voice
As he lovingly called to me,
'Come over the line it is only a step--
I am waiting my child, for thee!'
'0ver the line,' hear the sweet refrain,
Angels are chanting the heavenly strain:
'Over the line,' Why should I remain
With a step between me and Jesus.
(4th v) 'Over the line,' I will not remain,
I'll cross it and go to Jesus. Amen.
2.But my sins are many, my faith is small,
Lo! the answer came quick and clear;
'Thou needest not trust in thyself at all,
Step over the line, I am here.'
3.But my flesh is weak, I tearfully said,
And the way I cannot see;
I fear if I try I may sadly fail,
And thus may dishonor thee.
4.Ah, the world is cold, and I cannot go back,
Press forward I surely must;
I will place my hand in his wounded palm,
Step over the line, and trust.

Copyright, 1906, by E. H. Phelps. Renewal, By permission of The Biglow & Main Co., owners

O Tender and Sweet Was the Master's Voice