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Five songs (1815–1820)
Robinson Crusoe

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3174206Five songs — Robinson Crusoe1815-1820


WHEN I was a lad, I got cause to be sad,
My grandmother I did lose, O;
I'll bet you a can, you have heard of the man,
His name it was Robinson Crusoe.
O Robinson Crusoe!
O Robinson Crusoe!
Tink a tink tang, tink a tink tang,
O poor Robinson Crusoe!

Perhaps you’ve read in a book of a voyage he took,
And how the whirlwind blew, so,
That the ship, with a shock, drove plump on a rock
Near drowning poor Robinson Crusoe
O poor Robinson &c.

Poor soul! none but he remain’d on the sea,
Ah, Fate! Fate, how could you do so?
Till ashore he was thrown on an island unknown;
O poor Robinson Crusoe!
O poor Robinson, &c.

He wanted to eat, and he sought for some meat,
But the cattle away from him flew, so,
That, but for his gun, he’d been surely undone;
O! my poor Robinson Crusoe!
O poor Robinson, &c.

But he sav'd from aboard, an old gun and a sword,
And another odd matter or two, so
That by dint of his thrift he manag’d to shift;
Well done Robinson Crusoe.
O poor Robinson, &c.

And he happen’d to save from the merciless wave,
A poor parrot, I assure you, 'tis true, so
That when he came home from a merciless roam,
She cry'd, poor Robinson Crusoe.
O poor Robinson, &c.

He got all the wood that ever he could,
And stuck it together with glue, so
That he made him a hut, wherein he did put
The carcase of Robinson Crusoe.
O poor Robinson, &c.

He us’d to wear a cap, and a coat with long kaap,
With a beard as long as a Jew, so
That, by all that is civil, he look'd like a devil.
More than poor Robinson Crusoe.
O poor Robinson, &c.

And then his man, Friday, kept the hut neat & tiddy,
To be sure 'twas his business to do so;
And, friendly together, less like servant than brother,
Liv'd Friday and Robinson Crusoe.
O poor Robinson, &c.

At last an English sail came within hail,
Then he took to his little canoe, so
That, on reaching the ship, they gave him a trip
Back to the country of Robinson Crusoe.
O poor Robinson, &c.

This work was published before January 1, 1929, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.

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