On Vimy Ridge

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<poem> ON Vimy Ridge four months ago We lived and fought, my friends and I, And watched the kindly dawn come slow. Peace bringing from the eastern sky. Now I sit in a quiet town Remembering how I used to go Among the dug-outs up and down, On Vimy Ridge four months ago.

And often sitting here I've seen, As then I saw them every night. The friendly faces tired and keen Across the flickering candle-light. And heard their laughter gay and clear, And watched the fires of courage glow Above the scattered ash of fear, On Vimy Ridge four months ago.

Oh, friends of mine, where are you now ? Somewhere beneath the troubled sky. With earth above the quiet brow, Reader and Stalk for ever lie. But dead or living out or here I see the friends I used to know, And hear the laughter gay and clear, On Vimy Ridge four months ago.