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One Sweetly Solemn Thought 189
Phoebe Cary, 1852 R. S. Ambrose, 1876

One sweetly solemn thought Comes to me o'er and o'er;
Nearer my home today am I Than e'er I've been before,


Near er my Father's house, Where many mansions be;
Nearer, today the great white throne,Nearer the crystal sea.


Nearer the bound of life, Where burdens are laid down;
Nearer, to leave the heavy cross, Nearer to gain the crown.


But, lying dark between, Winding down through the night,
There rolls the deep and unknown stream That leads at last to light.


E'en now, perchance, my feet Are slipping on the brink,
And I, to day, am near'er home, Nearer than now I think.


Father, perfect my trust ! Strengthen my power of faith !

Nor let me stand, at last, alone Up on the shore of death. Amen.

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