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Volume 111 (2010)[edit]

No. 1 Spring

No. 2 Summer

  • Betwixt and Between the Official Story: Tracing the History and Memory of a Family of French-Indian Ancestry in the Pacific Northwest. Melinda Marie Jetté
  • Connecting Oregon: The Slow Road to Rapid Communications 1843–2009. Frank Dillow
  • Research Files
  • “Let us honor those to whom honor is due”: The Discovery of the Final Link in the Southern Route to Oregon. Stafford Hazelett
  • OHS Directors and Honorary Council
  • Reviews
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  • OregonScape. Mikki Tint

No. 3 Fall

No. 4 Winter Henry S. Tanner and the Cartographic Expression of American Expansionism in the 1820s James V. Walker A Northwest Language of Contact, Diplomacy, and Identity: Chinuk Wawa / Chinook Jargon Henry Zenk with Tony A. Johnson Essay Reflections on Writing a Siletz Tribal History Charles Wilkinson The People Are Dancing Again: Bringing Siletz Tribal History to the Public Robert Kentta Oregon Places Western Oregon Reservations: Two Perspectives on Place David G. Lewis and Robert Kentta Oregon Voices The Albina Mural Project Robin Dunitz OHS Directors and Honorary Council Reviews Book Notes Letters Notices Contributors OregonScape Mikki Tint

Volume 112 (2011)[edit]

No. 1 Spring

No. 2 Summer

  • “Hardly a Family is Free From the Disease”: Tuberculosis, Health Care, and Assimilation Policy on the Nez Perce Reservation, 1908–1942 Elizabeth James
  • On the Road with Rutherford B. Hayes: Oregon’s First Presidential Visit, 1880 Kristine Deacon
  • The Sicuro File: A Personal Perspective on the Struggle over Portland State University’s Most Controversial President David A. Horowitz
  • Where They Came From: Voices of Reed College, 1920–1940 John Sheehy
  • Soccer in the Seventies: Chris Dangerfield and the Original Portland Timbers Michael Orr and Morgen Young

Local History Spotlight

  • Madras Railroad Day Centennial Celebration, 1911–2011 Jarold Ramsey
  • OregonScape Mikki Tint

No. 3 Fall Murder on Train No. 15: Race Relations, the Home Front, and the Trial of Robert E. Lee Folkes Neil Barker Building an Alternative: People’s Food Cooperative in Southeast Portland Marc D. Brown Essay The Trouble with Cross-Dressers: Researching and Writing the History of Sexual and Gender Transgressiveness in the Nineteenth-Century American West Peter Boag Photo Essay Red Heads to War Dogs: Taft, 1941–1943 G. Thomas Edwards Primary Document Okinawa 1945: Monroe Sweetland and American Prisoners of War William G. Robbins Local History Spotlight Shawash Iliʔ i Kǝnim Ikanum (Grand Ronde Canoe Story) David G. Lewis OHS Directors and Honorary Council Reviews Book Notes Contributors OregonScape Mikki Tint

No. 4 Winter

Volume 113, No. 1 (Spring 2012)[edit]

The Foreign Policy of Senator Wayne L. Morse Larry Ceplair Portland’s Gettysburg Cyclorama: A Story of Art, Entertainment, and Memory Jeffry Uecker Oregon Voices The Late-Life Career of Marian Wood Kolisch Jennifer Strayer Research Files Historic Oregon Newspapers Online: Bringing Oregon’s “first rough draft of history” into a New Era of Public Accessibility Jason Stone Local History Spotlight An Inheritance: A Gift to the Deschutes County Historical Society Tells the Story of a Life, a Family, and a Town Kelly Cannon-Miller OHS Directors and Honorary Council Reviews Book Notes Contributors OregonScape Mikki Tint

Volume 113, No. 2 (Summer 2012)[edit]

Volume 113, No. 3 (Fall 2012)[edit]

  • Women and Citizenship in Oregon History Kimberly Jensen
  • “What Shall Be Done with Her?”: Frances Fuller Victor Analyzes “The Woman Question” in Oregon Sheri Bartlett Browne
  • Creating New Citizens: The National Council of Jewish Women’s Work at Neighborhood House in Portland, 1896–1912 Emily Zeien-Stuckman
  • Asian Women: Immigration and Citizenship in Oregon Peggy Nagae
  • From Coverture to Supreme Court Justice: Women Lawyers and Judges in Oregon History Janice Dilg
  • The Straight State of Oregon: Notes Toward Queering the History of the Past Century Jacqueline Dirks
  • Multilayered Loyalties: Oregon Indian Women as Citizens of the Land, Their Tribal Nations, and the United States Kay Reid
  • “The Noble Representative Woman from Oregon”: Dr. Mary Anna Cooke Thompson Jean M. Ward
  • The Lucy Davis Phillips Collection: Finding the Lost Women Graduates of Oregon’s Medical Schools Karen Lea Anderson Peterson
  • Latinas and Citizenship in Oregon Marcela Mendoza
  • Equality, Politics, and Separatism: The Papers of Oregon Feminists in the University of Oregon Libraries Linda Long
  • Women of the Oregon Multicultural Archives Natalia Fernández and Tiah Edmunson-Morton
  • Women and Oregon Political History: The Research and Writing of Up the Capitol Steps Jessica Tollestrup
  • Chronicling Women’s History at the Oregon State Archives Austin Schulz and Mary Beth Herkert

Volume 113, No. 4 (Winter 2012)[edit]

Volume 114, No. 1 (Spring 2013)[edit]

  • Black and Blue: Police-Community Relations in Portland’s Albina District, 1964–1985 Leanne C. Serbulo and Karen J. Gibson
  • The Hunt for Oregon Missionary Sources: Clifford M. Drury’s Enduring Archives Legacy Trevor James Bond
  • Populists, Dreamers, and the Citizens who Built Oregon’s 1938 Capitol Floyd J. McKay
  • Architecture of the Oregon State Capitol William F. Willingham
  • The Southern Oregon University Laboratory of Anthropology Public Archaeology and History Mark Tveskov, Chelsea Rose, and Katie Johnson
  • OregonScape Mikki Tint

Volume 114, No. 2 (Summer 2013)[edit]

Volume 114, No. 3 (Fall 2013)[edit]

Curiosity or Cure?: Chinese Medicine and American Orientalism in Progressive Era California and Oregon Tamara Venit Shelton Portland’s “Refugee from Occupied Hollywood”: Andries Deinum and his Center for the Moving Image Heather O. Petrocelli Research Files Following the Roots of Oregon Wine Rachael Cristine Woody and Rich Schmidt Photo Essay Project Dayshoot30: An Oregon Self-Portrait for the Digital Age Brian Burk Local History Spotlights Russell Lee in the Northwest: Documenting Japanese American Farm Labor Camps in Oregon and Idaho Morgen Young Remembering Chinese in Hells Canyon and the Pacific Northwest R. Gregory Nokes OHS Directors and Honorary Council Reviews Book Notes Letters Contributors OregonScape Jennifer Keyser

Volume 114, No. 4 (Winter 2013)[edit]

“Our Vanishing Glaciers”: One Hundred Years of Glacier Retreat in Three Sisters Area, Oregon Cascade Range Jim E. O’Connor Special Section Oregon Historical Society “Summer of Citizenship” Series Eliza E. Canty-Jones Citizenship and Belonging in Uncertain Times Marcela Mendoza Speaking for the First Americans: Nipo Strongheart and the Campaign for American Indian Citizenship Andrew H. Fisher From Citizens to Enemy Aliens: Oregon Women, Marriage, and the Surveillance State during the First World War Kimberly Jensen Research Files “A Rich Darkness”: Discovering the William Stafford Archives at Lewis & Clark College Doug Erickson and Jeremy Skinner Photo Essay Evidence of Noticing: Photographs by William Stafford Kirsten Rian Local History Spotlights Ghadar Party Centennial Celebration in Astoria, Oregon Johanna Ogden I-O-N Heritage Museum: Remembering the Past — Preserving the Future in Jordan Valley, Oregon Joanne Cunningham OHS Directors and Honorary Council Reviews Book Notes Letters Contributors OregonScape Mikki Tint

Volume 115, No. 1 (Spring 2014)[edit]

“The Road that Won an Empire”: Commemoration, Commercialization, and the Promise of Auto Tourism at the “Top o’ Blue Mountains” Chelsea K.Vaughn Nose Sakae’s Study Abroad: Idealization and Devaluation of American Education During Japan’s early Meiji Era Yasutaka Maruki Oregon Voices Women’s Lands in Southern Oregon: Jean Mountaingrove and Bethroot Gwynn Tell Their Stories Heather Burmeister Enforcing Oregon’s State Alcohol Monopoly: Recollections from the 1950s Warren Niete, introduction by Rob Donnelly Oregon Places Thompson’s Mills and the Lost Town of Boston: Oregon’s Newest Heritage Site Celebrates Its Ten-Year Anniversary Kristine Deacon A Tribute: Eckard V. Toy, Jr., March 19, 1931–October 7, 2013 OHS Directors and Honorary Council Reviews Book Notes Contributors OregonScape Mikki Tint

Volume 115, No. 2 (Summer 2014)[edit]

Volume 115, No. 3 (Fall 2014)[edit]

Volume 115, No. 4 (Winter 2014)[edit]

Volume 116, No. 1 (Spring 2015)[edit]

Volume 116, No. 2 (Summer 2015)[edit]

Hitting the Trail: Live Displays of Native American, Filipino, and Japanese People at the Portland World's Fair Emily Trafford “To the World!!”: The Story Behind the Vitriol Stafford Hazelett “We were nothing but rust”: Beatrice Green Marshall’s Wartime Experience Melissa Cornelius Lang “Go into the yard as a worker, not as a woman”: Oregon Women During World War II, A Digital Exhibit on the Oregon History Project Amy E. Platt The Augmented Reality of Oregon History Shawn Daley OHS Directors and Honorary Council Reviews Book Notes Contributors OregonScape Mikki Tint

Volume 116, No. 3 (Fall 2015)[edit]

  • “This is where we want to stay”: Tejanos and Latino Community Building in Washington County Luke Sprunger
  • Promoting Tourism and Development at Crater Lake: The Art of Grace Russell Fountain and Mabel Russell Lowther Gail E. Evans
  • Letters to Klickitat Street, 1940–1945 Sandra Hickson Carter
  • Shared Narratives: The Story of the 1942 Attack on Fort Stevens Laura Jane Gifford
  • Restoring the Morrow County Courthouse Clock: An Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution Clock-Making Trade School Project Gary L. Kopperud
  • OregonScape Mikki Tint

Volume 116, No. 4 (Winter 2015)[edit]

Volume 117, No. 1 (Spring 2016)[edit]

  • Chinookan Villages of the Lower Columbia Henry Zenk, Yvonne Hajda, and Robert Boyd
  • The Pictorial Maps of Fred A. Routledge Craig Clinton
  • From Church to State: The Sectarian Roots of Oregon State University, 1868–1888 William G. Robbins
  • OregonScape Mikki Tint

Volume 117, No. 2 (Summer 2016)[edit]

  • Regulating Birth: Locating Power at the Intersection of Private and Public in Oregon History Christin Hancock
  • Changing the Debate: A Twentieth-Century History of People with Disabilities, Their Families, and Genetic Counseling Adam Turner
  • Health and Well-being: Federal Indian Policy, Klamath Women, and Childbirth Christin Hancock
  • Birth Activism, Law, and the Organization of Independent Midwifery in Oregon Bruce Hoffman
  • Birth, Healing, and Women of Color: Symposium Keynote Lecture and Discussion Shafia M. Monroe with Zalayshia Jackson, Mariah A. Taylor, and Consuelo


Volume 117, No. 3 (Fall 2016)[edit]

Volume 117, No. 4 (Winter 2016)[edit]

Volume 118, No. 1 (Spring 2017)[edit]

Volume 118, No. 2 (Spring 2017)[edit]

The Earliest American Map of the Northwest Coast: John Hoskins’s A Chart of the Northwest Coast of America Sketched on Board the Ship Columbia Rediviva . . . 1791 & 1792 James V. Walker and William L. Lang Women’s “Positive Patriotic Duty” to Participate: The Practice of Female Citizenship in Oregon and the Expanding Surveillance State during the First World War and its Aftermath Kimberly Jensen Special Section World War One Centennial Roundtable The War to End War One Hundred Years Later: A First World War Roundtable Kimberly Jensen and Christopher McNight Nichols The Americans Who Opposed The Great War: Who They Were, What They Believed Michael Kazin Resistance, Dissent, and Punishment in WWI Oregon Michael Helquist World War I and the Northwest’s Working Class Steven C. Beda Indispensable Histories Adriane Lentz-Smith In Search of Citizenship: The Society of American Indians and the First World War Steven Sabol Power to the People: American Peace Women’s Democratic Cures for War Candice Bredbenner Picturing the Past, Looking to the Future: The Forest History Society’s Repeat Photography Project Sara Pezzoni OHS Directors and Honorary Council Reviews Book Notes Contributors From the OHQ Archives OregonScape Matthew Cowan Editor’s Note

Volume 118, No. 3 (Fall 2017)[edit]

  • “The Nomadic Race to Which I Belong”: Squatter Democracy and the Claiming of Oregon John Suval
  • “I wanted Oregon to have something”: Governor Victor G. Atiyeh and Oregon-Japan Relations Christopher Foss
  • Merchant and Imperial Diplomat: The Extraordinary Career of Portland’s Moy Back Hin Chuimei Ho and Bennet Bronson
  • Dear Abigail: The Advice Letters of Abigail Scott Duniway, 1871–1876 G. Thomas Edwards
  • Yamhill County Crop History Project: Community-Involved Historical Discovery Russ Karow and Gloria Lutz
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  • OregonScape Matthew Cowan

Volume 118, No. 4 (Winter 2017)[edit]

  • Trouble in Paradise: A Historical Perspective on Immigration in Oregon Historical Society Robert Bussel and Daniel J. Tichenor
  • Tribes of the Oregon Country: Cultural Plant Harvests and Indigenous Relationships with Ancestral Lands in the Twenty-first Century Rebecca Dobkins, Susan Stevens Hummel, Ceara Lewis, Grace Pochis, and Emily Dickey
  • Oregon Roma (Gypsies): A Hidden History Carol Silverman
  • Guatemala Immigration to Oregon: Indigenous Transborder Communities Lynn Stephen
  • History, Public Memory, and Creating the Bracero Archive Mario Jimenez Sifuentez
  • Migration Public History: A Roundtable Discussion at the Oregon Migrations Symposium Gwen Trice, Gabriela Martinez, and Suenn Ho
  • In the Shadow of the 2016 Election: Immigration Debates in Oregon and Beyond Kim Williams, Andrea Williams, and Phil Carrasco
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