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To keep Kidney Beans.

Gather them on a dry day, dry them in the sun, and keep them in papers, in a dry place, and before you use them, lay them in warm water.


To make Angelica Paste.

Take the youngest and most pithy angelica you can get, boil it very tender, and drain and press out all the water you possibly can; then beat it in a mortar to as fine a paste as may be, and rub it through a sieve; next day dry it over a fire, and, to every pound of this paste, take one pound of fine sugar in fine powder; when your paste is hot, put in the sugar, stirring it over a gentle fire till it is well incorporated; when so done, drop it on plates, long or round, as you think proper; dust it a little, and put it into the stove to dry.

To make Apricot Paste.

Take any quantity of apricots very ripe, peel, stone, and cut them small, put them in a deep earthen pan, then take a large and deep kettle, fill it with water, and place in it the earthen pan in which the apricots are; boil them thus, what it called balneo maria; when they have well boiled, thus, and thrown off their juice, take them off