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As a means of rendering a future edition of this work more perfect, I should recommend to the Missionaries to get their copies interleaved; and daily to make such remarks on every part of the Grammar, as well as additions to the Vocabulary, as the extent of their information may enable them. I would also advise them daily to translate into the New-Zealand Language some portion of the Scriptures or the Liturgy, with a view to their final circulation throughout the Island. They would do well, moreover, to compose short Addresses, to be read to the People, on the history and character of Christianity, as well as Hymns and Psalms to be sung at the times of Divine Service. Copies of these Exercises should be sent home for the approval of the Committee, and with a view to preserve them, should any accident destroy the originals in New Zealand. By this means, not only would a knowledge of the language be thoroughly attained, but the happiest effects might be expected, both in engaging the mind of the Missionary in his proper work, and in exciting the attention of the Heathen around him to the knowledge of God and of themselves as exhibited in the Holy Scriptures.



November, 1820.