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This page needs to be proofread.

a predicate, e.g. an infinitive, an accusative, or a participle, at the beginning of a phrase:-

bewa ythesaf pub eare (Creation, 1667), living I am always.

banna ny allaf gwelas (Creation, 1622), a drop I cannot see.

defalebys os ha cabm (Creation, 1603), deformed thou art, and crooked.

yn bushes ow crow etha (Creation, 1606), in bushes lying.

gans dean pen vo convethys (Creation, 1618), by man when it is discovered.

worthaf ve sertan ny dale (Creation, 1619), with me, certainly, ought not.

determys ove dha un dra (Creation, 236), determined I am of one thing.

mos then menythe me a vyn (Creation, 1082), go to the mountain I will.

These are all taken from Jordan's Creation, and mostly at random from the same page. Still, the less one inverts the normal order of words the better.