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The Calcutta arrived at Portsmouth, from the river Medway; in the middle of February 1803, where she waited the junction of the Ocean, which was protracted until the 8th of April. The first weeks of this month the winds had been constantly from the eastward; but various trifling causes, which commonly retard expeditions of this nature, prevented our taking advantage of them, and when these obstacles were removed,

Military (Marines).

  1 Captain Commandant. (Lieut. Governor.)
  2 1st Lieutenants
  1 2d ditto.
  3 Serjeants.
  3 Corporals.
  2 Drums.
 39 Rank and File.
 5 Women, and 1 child.

307 Male Convicts, with 17 of their wives; and 7 children.