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too often concealed by procuring abortion, which repeated, perhaps, several times, assists in bringing on a premature old age, and sinks the victim to the grave loaded with guilt and disease.

Quod neque in Armeniis tigres secere latebris
  Perdere nee fœtus ausa Leæna suos.
At teneræ faciunt, sed non impunè puellæ
Sæpe, suos utero quæ necat, ipsa perit.

Ovid. Amor. l. 2.

The punishment of adultery is transportation of both the offenders to different places on the coast of Africa; but the injured husband may revenge himself by the instant death of both parties, if he finds them, "nudus cum nuda, solus cum sola."

The city of St. Sebastian, from being surrounded by hills, which prevent the free circulation of air, is more unhealthy