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an hundred and twenty ſtadia. From Euſene to Amiſus an hundred and ſixty ſtadia. Amiſus lies upon the ſea, is a Greek city, and an Athenian colony. From Amiſus to the port of Ancon, where the river Iris empties itſelf into the ſea, an hundred and twenty ſtadia. From the mouths of the Iris to the port of Heracleum three hundred and ſixty ſtadia. From Heracleum to the river Thermodon forty ſtadia. This is the river Thermodon, on whoſe banks the Amazons are ſaid to have dwelt. From the Thermodon to the river Beris ninety ſtadia. From the Beris to the river Thoaris ſixty ſtadia. From Thoaris to Œnoe thirty ſtadia. From Œnoe to the river Phigamus forty ſtadia. From Phigamus to the fortreſs of Phadiſana one hundred and fifty ſtadia. From Phadiſana to the city of Polemonium ten ſtadia. From Polemonium to the promontory called the Jaſonian an hundred and thirty ſtadia. From the Jaſonian promontory to the iſland of the Cilices fifteen ſtadia. From this iſland to Boona, where there is a port for ſhips, ſeventy-five ſtadia. From Boona to Cotyora ninety ſtadia. Xenophon mentions Cotyora as a city, and ſays, that it was a colony of the Sinopians: at preſent it is no more than a village, and that not a large one. From Cotyora to the river Melanthius is, at the utmoſt, ſixty ſtadia. From the Melanthius to the Pharmatenus, another river, an hundred and fifty ſtadia. From the Pharmatenus to Pharnacea an hundred and twenty ſtadia. Pharnacea was formerly called Ceraſus, and was a colony from Sinope. From Pharnacea to the iſland Arrhentias thirty ſtadia. From Arrhentias to Zephyrium one hundred and twenty ſtadia. There is here a port for ſhips. From Zephyrium to Tripolis ninety ſtadia. From Tripolis to Argyria twenty ſtadia. From Argyria to Philocalea ninety ſtadia. From Philocalea to Coralla an hundred ſtadia. From Coralla to the ſacred mountain (ἱερὸν ὄρος) an hun-