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General Steam Navigation Company.,



Hamburgh - The JOHN BULL, COUNTESS of LONSDALE; CALEDONIA, VENEZUEO and NEPTUNE, carrying her Majesty's Mails every Wednesday and Saturday early, according to ?, From the Tower. From Hamburgh, every Wednesday and Saturday. Chief Cabin £4; Fore cabin £3
Agents in London, J. Norman, I, Water lane, Tower street ; in Hamburg, G. Delaval.

Ostend, Brussels, and the Rhine. - The EARL of LIVERPOOL, MENAI, & SIR EDWARD BANKS, every Wednesday, and Saturday mornings, from London Bridge Wharf. Passengers walk on board. Returning from Ostend every Wednesday and Saturday. Chief Cabin £1 10s; Fore Cabin £ ?

Brokers, Redhead and Spiers, Trinity square, Tower Hill.

Rotterdam and the Rhine, carrying her Majesty's Mails, the OCEAN, COLUMBINE and GIRAFFE, every Wednesday and Saturday, at 10 morning, from and to Brunswick Pier, Blackwall
Fares to Rotterdam, £2 2s. and £1 12s. 6d.

Brokers-G Hahn, 4, Crescent, Minories; in Rotterdam, Smith and van Es.

Antwerp, Brussels, Cologne, &c. with a bag of letters from the Post Office, from Brunswick Wharf, Blackwell. The WILBERFORCE, every Thursday, at 12 noon. Passengers walk on board. Fares £2 2s. and £1 12s. 6d. Broker, J. Balm.

Boulougne.—The MAGNET and HARLEQUIN, from London Bridge Wharf every Thursday and Saturday mornings. Chief Cabin 20s, Fore Cabin 15s.

Agent, I. Norman, l, Water lane,Tower street.

Calais.—The W.M. JOLIFFE, the CITY OF LONDON and BELFAST, leave London Bridge Wharf every Tuesday and Sunday mornings. Fares to Boulougne or Calais·-Chief Cabin 20s; Fore Cabin 15s. Children under 10 half·price. Redhead and Spiers, Trinity square, Tower Hill.

Havre - The JAMES WATT, every, at 8 morning, from off Iorngate Stairs, near the Tower, returning every according to tide. Fares, .£1 1ls. 6d., and £l. Brokers, Redhead and Spiers.


Edinburgh. - The new Ships TRIDENT, PRINCESS ROYAL., MONARCH, LEITH, and CLARENCE from Brown's wharf adjoining the West India Dock Tavern, Poplar, every Saturday and alternate Wednesday, at 10 evening, March 4,8, ll, 18, 22, 26, and April l. Leaves Edinburgh for London the same days at 3 p.m. Fares including provisions. Chief Cabin £3 10s Fore cabin £2 5s. Children half price

Hull. - The VIVID and WATERWHICH, from and to London Bridge Wharf, leaving London every Tuesday and Friday, at 8 morning; leaving Hull for London every Tuesday & Saturday at ll morning:
Fares-Saloon, 17s. 6d.; Fore Cabin 10s.

Newcastle. — The LONDON MERCHANT, ATTWOOD, or CITY OF HAMBURGH, from Downe's Wharf, Lower East Smithfield every Saturday, at 8'clock evening. Fares, Chief cabin £2 2s; Fore Cabin £l 12s. 6d.

Sunderland. - The TOURIST, from Downe’s Wharf; Lower East Smithtfield, Friday, March ? Tuesday 14, and Friday, 24, at 7 evening. Fares to or from Sunderland, Chief Cabin £2 2s; Second Cabin £1 12s 6d.

Yarmouth. - The RAMONA, from and to London Bridge Wharf, every Saturday, at 6 o’clock evening returning every Wednesday or Thursday. Fares-—Saloon 15s.; Fore Cabin 10s.
To ensure Berths, Sec. apply at 69, Lombard street, 37, Regent Circus, and 35, Leadenhall Street, London

The Companies monthly bills ran be had at the above Offices and at Bradshaw's Railway Information Office, 59, Fleet-street London, and 27, Brown·street,Manchester.