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FASHIONABLE & SPLENDID LIQUEUR 0RIGINAL ROYAL MILK PUNCH, celebrated for its rich and delicate flavor, and
having a grateful cordial either for the dinner table or evening party. It for exceeds in purity

or strength any preparation of a similar name, and the flattering recommendations of connoissuers

wish it as a good and genuine production.
Crosby Hall Chambers, Bishopsguteetreet, London.



PROPRIETOR returns his sincere thanks to the Professional Commercial Gentlemen, arid;

 Public, for the liberal support he has received since occupying the above-named Hotel, and by unremitting attention, to retain the patronage hitherto so generously afforded.
 Proprietor begs to assure his Patrons that the Dinners in his Establishment are conducted by the original liberal principle which has procured him the public patronage for the last Thirty Years: 
 Lodging, 10s. 6d. per week; Breakfasts, plain, 1s. 3d. each. 
 A Porter in attendance to receive visitors by the night trains.
 Families supplied with Wines & Spirits of the choicest qualities, at wholesale prices, for Cash;
WINE Per Doz. Spirit. Per Gal. Ales Per Qts.
(illegible text) in wood 36 s Sparkg. Hock 84s Old Congac Brandy 32s Bass India Pale Ale,
(illegible text) in bottle 42s Hock 48s 60s Power and Sons. PA in pints 4s 6d
(illegible text) Ditto 48s Claret 36s 84s Whisky 18s Ditto in Quarts 8s 6d
(illegible text).very sup 54s Bucellas 36s 84s Old Scotch ditto 18s Scotch ditto,in quarts 8s 6d
Sherry 30s Moselle 36s 84s Rum,Old Jamacia 14s 16s Ditto in Pints 4s 6d
(illegible text) ditto 36s 42s Burgandy 84s Gin Cordial 10s 6s Dublin Stout 4s 6d
(illegible text) Champagne 72s 84s Ditto for mixing 12s Ditto in Quarts 8s 6d.

SAMPLE BOTTLES of the above on the same terms as per dozen.

SAMPLE HAMPERS, containing 1 bottle Brandy, 1 ditto Whiskey; l Rum, 1 Gin, 1 port,
1 Sherry, for 21 s.; forwarded to any part of England upon the receipt of a post-office order.

(illegible text)—W. HARDING, Anderton’s Hotel, 164, Fleet Street, Iiondohsa ,33