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15, Skinner-street, Snow-hill, (late 343, Strand.) 

Render Goods of every Fabric impervious _to Rain, without impeding the escape of perspiration.

 Metropolitan Police Office, 23 Febrary 1839
 GENTLEMAN.— The Commissioners of Police beg to acknowledge the receipt of your Letter of the 3 Inst. and to acquaint you in reply that one suit has been in the use of a Constable, whose beat is situate on Blackheath. In the month of January he was frequently out in Six Hours succesive rain, and on the 8th Inst. Nine Hours; and when he took off his Great Coat and Trousers at the Station they were as dry inside as when put on.-I am. yours &c., U. ROWAN.

This process is applicable to Woollens, Fustians, Merinoes, as well as Ready Made Garments, which remain uninjured in appearance or durability, and all warranted Waterproofed at a very (illegible text)ng cost.

Books of Testimonials with List of Prices, may be had gratis at the Office, or_free, by post.



Or Patent Metallic Shaving Stone Effectually removes the strongest Beard without the aid of Razor, Soap or Water. It is invaluable to Gentlemen Travelling, Sporting, Yachting, or Visiting, as it can be used under any circumstances, and where a Razor would be inconvenient if not impossible. To the nervous or (poor)-sighted, to the tourist or the tremulous it will be found peculiarly adapted ; its operation(illegible text) safe, certain, cleanly, and expeditious. This extraordinary and ingenious Instrument at sea or on land, in the carriage, or even on horse-back may be used with the most perfect ease and security. Price 6s.

 Signed Delavigne Depòt, RIGGE, 65, Cheapside, London. 

For a remittance of 6s.8d. by Post Office Order the Axyrite can be sent to any part of the United Kingdom

Walker's Patent Hydraulic Engine. This remarkable Discovery will enable persons requiring any sort of Liquid raised in large quantities to accomplish their object with a great saving of expense and labour. It will deliver FLOATING DISTANCES without choking or injury, and work for years without diminution of quantity or disengagement of parts. For draining and Irrigation it is invaluable. It is so simple and so different to anything yet brought before the Public, that the Patentée invites all interested parties to see and judge for themselves.

Walkers Patent Air-proof Portable & Fixed Closets

For the Chamber and Travelling Carriages are recommended and warranted.