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Roe's COUGH LOZENGES are particularly recommended, They are pleasant and efficacious, contain NO OPIATE, and may be taken with advantage in cases of HOARSENESS, SORE THROAT, COUGH, &c.

Prepared only by the Proprietor, J. W. ROE, Chemist, No. 3J, RED LION-STREET, HOLBORN, and sold by him in boxes at 1s. and 2s. 6d. each; also by his appointed agents, T. Binge, Chemist, 76, York-street, Westminster; W. F. Green, l2, Whitechapel Road; B. Kealley, 29, Little Newport street; J. Furdon 29, Bridge-street, Reading; Sheldon, (late Skitter) New Brentford; A. Arnold, Guernsey, &c. &c.

"— If you are in possession of better means,
Candidly inform me ; itnot, make use of these."—Horace


In order that Digestion be well _performed, and that its product may conduce to the nutrition of the body, we cannot too attentively regard those dictates of NATURE which point out the wants of the system, and as unerringly indicate when those wants are satisfied. Indeed, the functions of the various organs are regulatcd by laws which cannot with impunity be transgressed; and it is probably the correct estimate of their value which contributes so powerfully to render permanent the great blessing of health. But when Nature’s simple warning is disregarded, and irregularity, either as relates to the quality or quantity of our food, is permitted. she severely retaliates for the infringement of her laws, by visiting the transgressor with the sufferings of DYSPEPSIA and its associate terrors To those who unfortunately suffer from these latter ills, with torpid liver, inactive bowels, &c. Mr, Cockle's Family Antibilious Pills are recommended with the confident assurance of speedy and permanent relief

18, New Ormond-street, London.


Most respectfully inform the Public that their


Have been in use THIRTY YEARS, and continue to be recommended by the most eminent Surgeons in town and country; they will answer for right or left side, also admit of increase and decrease in size and force requiring no under strap or any galling bandage.
N.B. Persons in the Country are requested to send the circumference of the body one inch below the hips Sold by one or more Druggist in every City and provincial Town in the United Kingdom.


HEALTH If you wish to preserve this inestimable blessing, lay aside prejudice against what is vulgarly called quack medcines, provide yourself with a box of

Morley's Aperient and Tonic Poils and when you feel yourself out of order, act as directed in the pamphlet enclosed with each box; with this simple medicine, and attention to the directions contained in the pamphlet you will be enabled to preserve your health and save your doctor's bills.

Sold in boxes, 7½d. and ls. 1½d. each, by the Proprietor, R. Morley Edwards, 22, Radnor-Street, St Lukes and retail, by Messrs. Hollows, High-street, Islington; Eade, 1, Old street, St. Lukes;Gifford 104, Strand: (Collins, 54, Piccadilly; and other respectable Druggists.