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Many SHOPKEERPS of apparent respectability, for the sake of gaining a trifle more pounds basely attempt to impose their pernicious compounds upon the public as the real " MACASSAR OIL" for the Hair and "KALYDOR" for the Complexion; they copy the bills of the original articles, substiuting either a FICTITIOUS NAME or the word GENUINE in place of "ROWLAND".

 To frustrate such Imposition - it is necessary on purchasing either article to see that the name "ROWLANDS" is on the warapper',as follows·— without which None are Genuine.


“The Queen,”

The Royal Famizy, and the several Courts of Europe,


The only article that really produces and restores hair; prevents it from falling off or turning grey to the latest period of life: changes grey Hair to it original COLOUR - frees it from 'scurf , and makes it beautifuly SOFT,CURLY and GLOSSY. In dressing HAIR, it keeps it(illegible text)and

curl uninjured by damp weather, crowded rooms, the dunes or in the exercise of riding. For Children is it invaluable, as it lays a foundation for a BEAUTIFUL HEAD OF HAIR.

ON PURCHASING (Beware of Counterfiets!!) ask for "Rowland's Macassar Oil" and see that those words are on the wrapper. (illegible text)real article see that the words "Rowland's Macassar Oil" are engraved on the back of the (illegible text) nearly (illegible text) containing(illegible text)letters- (illegible text) Without THIS NONE ARE GENUINE

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A WHITE POWDER of Oriental Herbs of the most delightful fragrance - It eradicated

NOTICE - A. ROWLAND & SON, 23 HATTON GARDEN, LONDON is engraved on the Govrerment stamp, which is pasted on the "KALYDOR" and "ODNOTO" also printed in red on the Wrappers in which the Macassar Oil and Kalydor are enclosed.

Be sure to ask for "Rowland's" Articles. Sold by every respectable Chemist and Perfumer