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while the rest of the corolla is of a bright scarlet, clothed with a fine down. Stamens inserted near the base of the corolla: Filaments arched upwards and meeting, so that their anthers form a cross. Germen more than half superior, downy. Style shorter than the stamens. Stigma obtuse.

This fine plant is a native of Brazil, and was, we believe, first introduced to the stoves of our gardens by Mr. Chamberlayne, our late Consul at Rio Janeiro, who also brought into notice the beautiful Bignonia that bears his name. It has since been imported through other channels, and is now, probably, not uncommon. The specimen here figured, bloomed in the Glasgow Botanic Garden, in the spring of 1830. J. T. Mackay, Esq. has also lately sent us fine flowering specimens from the College Botanic Garden, Dublin.

Fig. 1. Calyx and Pistil, slightly magnified.