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cles terminal, erect, very long, single flowered, having many slender grooves, and one or two subulate bracteas Anthodium nearly globular, when in bud glabrous, coloured, inner scales blunt, scariose, slender, coloured at the apex, outer ones subulate, keeled, and reddish brown. Flowers (above three-fourths of an inch long, one inch across) rather handsome, yellow. Florets of the ray neuter, numerous, erect, subplicate, orange-red on the outside, an sprinkled with shining dots, yellow within, elliptical, attenuated at the base, and there distant; tube short, including the rudiments of a style, three-toothed at the apex. Florets of the disk very short, yellow, erect, regular, terminating in five blunt teeth, and furnished with small, erect, crystalline glandular pubescence on the outside. Stamens subexserted, yellow. Pistil rather longer than the stamens; Style cleft, revolute; Germen woolly at the base: Pappus marginate, lobed. Receptacle covered with carinate, chaffy scales, which are shorter than the florets of the disk.

We received this plant from Kew as a species of Arctotis, native of the Cape of Good Hope. It requires the protection of a green house during Winter, and flowers freely in the open air during the month of July. Graham.

Fig. 1. Central Floret with its accompanying Scale. 2. Floret of the Ray.–Magnified.