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Pterostylis nutans. Nodding-flowered Pterostylis.


Class and Order.

Gynandria Monandria.

(Nat. Ord.—Orchideæ.)

Generic Character.

Perianthium ringeus, tetraphyllum, foliolo inferiore bifido, (e duobus infra cohærentibus conflato.) Labellum unguiculatum, subinclusum. Lamina basi appendicaluta v. gibbosa. Ungue infra labio inferiore connato. Columna basi galca connata, apice alata. Anthera terminalis, persistens, loculis approximatis. Massæ Pollinis in singulo loculo binæ, compressæ, pulvereæ. Stigma medio columnæ adnatum. Br.

Specific Character and Synonyms.

Pterostylis[1] nutans; foliis radicalibus stellatis, flore nutante, labiis longitudine subæqualibus, galea acuminata, labello apice attenuato truncato.

Pterostylis nutans. Br. Prodr. Fl. Nov. Holl. v. 1. p. 327. Spreng. Syst. Veget. v. 3. p. 715.

Descr. Leaves radical, spreading in a stellated manner, oval, rather acute,membranous, striated, reticulated, tapering into a short petiole. Scape erect, scarcely a span high, erect, glabrous, with about two foliaceous, sheathing bracteas, and terminated by a solitary, nodding flower: the three upper segments of the flower are approximate so as to


  1. Derived from πτερθν, a wing, and στυλοξ, a style, is allusion to the winged style or column.