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Pterostylis curta. Short-lipped Pterostylis


Class and Order.

Gynandria Monandria.

(Nat. Ord.—Orchideæ.)

Generic Character.

Perianthium ringeus, tetraphyllum, foliolo inferiore bifido, (e duobus infra cohærentibus conflato.) Labellum unguiculatum, subinclusum. Lamina basi appendicaluta v. gibbosa. Ungue infra labio inferiore connato. Columna basi galca connata, apice alata. Anthera terminalis, persistens, loculis approximatis. Massæ Pollinis in singulo loculo binæ, compressæ, pulvereæ. Stigma medio columnæ adnatum. Br.

Specific Character and Synonyms.

Pterostylis curta; foliis radicalibus stellatis, bracteis scapi præter floralem 2–3, flore erectiusculo, labio inferiore breviore, galea acutiuscula, labelli lamina integra. Br.

Pterostylis curta. Br. Prodr. Fl. Nov. Holl. v. 1. p. 326. Spreng. Syst. Veget. v. 3. p. 715.

Descr. Root descending, somewhat filiform, flexuose, bearing a few fibres, and, at the extremity, two rounded bulbs, about the size of peas. Stem a span or more high, erect, bearing two to three small bracteiform, sheathing leaves. The greater number of the leaves, however, are radical, oval, striated and reticulated, tapering below into a petiole. Flower terminal, solitary, erect, large, the three upper segments of the perianth are oblong, standing so close as appearing to form but one piece, arched at the top,