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Banksia media. Intermediate Banksia.


Class and Order.

Tetandria Monogynia.

(Nat. Ord. - Proteaceæ)

Generic Character.

Perianthum. 4-partitum (raro 4-fifum.) Stamina. apicibus concavis laciniarum immersa. Squamulæ hypogynæ 4. Ovarium uniloculare biovulatum. Folliculus lignosus: Dissepimento (e testis ovulorum amborum formato) libero bifido. Amentum flosculorum paribus tribracteatis. Br.

Specific Character and Synonyms.

Banksia media. foliis cuneato-linearibus truncatis dentato-serratis basi attenuatis: subter reticulatis venis venulisque glabratis laciniis tomentosis, peranthii unguibus sericeis; laminis glabris, folliculis glabriusculis immersis, floribus marcescentibus. Br.

Banksia media. Br. Prodr. Fl. Nov. Holl. Suppl. p. 35.

Descr. This appears to constitute a large shrub, or small tree, with rather thick, rounded branches, clothed with a thin pale tomentum. Leaves scattered, four to six inches long, linear-cuneate, coriaceous, rigid, often truncated at the extremity, the margins coarsely dentato-serrated, almost spinulose, the base attenuated into a very slender, pale yellow-green petiole: the upper side is glabrous, dark green, and glossy, very obscurely veiny, below paler, the vein and veinlets glabrous, the areolæ or lacunes filled with white down. Flowers of an uniform, rather pale, and dull yellow, densely collected into a broadly-oblong, terminal head. Scales very hairy, deep orange. Perianth slender silky, tubular at the base: the lacinæ filiform, spathulate at the extremity, and there hollowed for the reception of the anther. Style as long as the perianth.