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Hedychium flavum. Large Yellow-flowered Hedychium.


Class and Order.

Monandria Monogynia.

( Nat. Ord.—Scitamineæ. Br. )

Generic Character.

Anthera duplex, stylum amplectens. Filamentum longum, gracile, antheram in apicem sustinens ligamento flexili dorso affixo. Capsula 3-locularis. Semina numerosa, arillata. Rosc.

Specific Character and Synonyms.

Hedychium flavum; foliis lato-lanceolatis, spica terminali imbricata, bracteis subquadrifloris, corollæ, laciniis duabus interioribus linearibus, labello obcordato apice profunde retuso. Roxb.

Hedychium flavum[1]. Roxb. Fl. Ind. v. 1. p. 81. (cum nota Wallichii ad calcem paginæ 82). Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 604. Spreng. Syst. Veg. v. 1. p. 9. cur. post. p. 6. Rosc. Pl. Scit. cum ic.

Descr. Roots exceedingly large and thick. Stems several, thick, four to five feet high, at the bottom fully an inch in diameter, slightly compressed upwards, and there, as well as on the rib of the leaves, furnished, though scantily, with long, appressed, deciduous hairs. Leaves very large, elliptical, twelve to fourteen inches long, as broad as one's hand, nearly sessile on their sheaths, sides bent down, up--

  1. Not of Sims in Botanical Magazine, t. 2378, which is Hed. flavescens. (Wall.)