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This page needs to be proofread.

Irawaddi, in the Burma country, where he collected some; whereas, the specimens described in Flora Indica came from Sylhet.

Dr. Wallich note in the Flora Indica is as follows:

In January, 1816, I received roots of this most charming species from Mr. Smith, at Sylhet, which produced blossoms in the Botanic Garden, during October of the following year. It differs from H. coronarium, in regard to its flowers, which are about one-third smaller, having the inner segments of the corolla linear-clavate, the fissure of the lip narrow, with straight sides, and its base contracted into a linear claw. They partake not only of the yellow colour of those of Michelia Champaca, but possess even the peculiar fragrance of the latter, only in a less powerful, and therefore, more grateful degree. In stature and leaves both species are alike."

Fig. 1. Flower. 2. Style and Stigma.––Nat. size.