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nerves: petioles four to five inches long, rounded, clothed with rusty down. The young leaves are covered all over with a rich velvety, red tomentum. Head of flowers terminal, moderately large, handsome, surrounded at the base by an involucre of many imbricated, oblongo-ovate leaves or bracteas : thickly clothed with rusty-coloured down. Small, subulate scales are mixed with the flowers. Perianth tubular, cut nearly half-way down into four, narrow-linear, dull orange-coloured, erect laciniæ, hairy without, and bearded at the extremity. Within each of these laciniæ, lodged in a groove, is a linear anther. Germen linear- oblong. Style filiform. Stigma clavate.

The present is one of the many Australian Proteaceæ for which our collections are indebted to Mr. Mackay of the Clapham Nursery; and by him plants were communicated to the Liverpool Botanic Garden, where the flowering specimen here figured was produced in September, 1830. It is a native of the South coast of New Holland, whence the seeds were procured by Mr. Baxter. It is a plant of considerable beauty, and of much variety of colouring.

Fig. 1. Flower. 2. Segment of the Perianth, with its Stamen. 3. Pistil.–Magnified.