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Dio, Book IV. "And they not only assigned them [the quaestors?] very different duties [from those of the consuls], but also gave them distinct titles."

Dio, Book IV. "But they overran the Roman territory." [1]

Dio, Book IV. "They ravaged everything up to the wall."

Zonaras 7, 13.

— on account of their questionings and on account of their search for truth as the result of questionings. But later they acquired also management of the public funds and received the additional name of treasurers [tamiai[2]] After a time the courts were put in charge of others, while these officials continued to manage the funds.

B.C. 504 But the Sabines, making this[3] also a pretext for war, advanced upon Rome with a large army. Publicola led out the Romans to meet them, and by his excellent generalship all but completely destroyed them.

B.C. 503 The Sabines, however, because of wrath at their treatment, did not keep quiet even through the winter, but overran the Roman territory and discomfited Postumius when he was for the second time consul. And they would have captured him with his entire force, had not Menenius Agrippa, his colleague, come to his aid. Then the consuls assaulted them and killed a number, with the result

  1. These two fragments were joined by Bekker, who supplied the connective "and."
  2. That is, they were called thus by the Greeks.
  3. The reference is to the removal of Appius Claudius and his followers to Rome. Possibly Zonaras based these lines on Plutarch (Publ. 22), from whom he took his account of Appius.