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Although I have read pretty nearly everything about them that has been written by anybody, I have not included it all in my history, but only what I have seen fit to select. I trust, moreover, that if I have used a fine style, so far as the subject matter permitted, no one will on this account question the truthfulness of the narrative, as has happened in the case of some writers; for I have endeavoured to be equally exact in both these respects, so far as possible. I will begin at the point where I have obtained the clearest accounts of what is reported to have taken place in this land which we inhabit.

This land in which the city of Rome has been built.

Zonaras 7, 1.

1. Aeneas after the Trojan war came to the Aborigines, who were the former inhabitants of the land wherein Rome has been built and who

Tzetzes in Lycophr. Alex, v. 1232.

This Aeneas, after the capture of Troy, came, as we have remarked, to Italy and the Latins. He