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not discovered, till on a day he shewed it so much, that Mr. and Mrs. Lanley began to think that he might begin to learn Latin, Greek, &c. as he had before learnt well to spell. This Latin began to occur to his learning, on the first of May, in the year in which he was advancing to four years old. But unfortunately, as his mother knew more of Latin than his father, he could hardly get on from the third till the twenty-first of May, as his maternal teacher was then delivered of a baby, whom his father christened ——. Universal applause succeeded to the father, as he exercised his great diligence and knowledge of the little service; and this succeeded especially in Geoffry, who was then present. An undertaking was made, by Mr. Lanley and Geoffry, in which nothing is so surprising as Geoffry's cleverness in the occurrence of a Journey to P——t. This undertaking was made on the eighth day of the month. They, instead of going that day, spent the rest of it in wise calculations for their journey. According to their