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Welcome to the National Archives transcription project!

You are transcribing or proofreading a single page of the document you have selected. The goal is to accurately type into the box below the exact text displayed in the image to the right, including all original punctuation, spelling, spacing, and formatting, and or to independently verify another contributor's transcription.
  • Please note: if the page is not part of a document that contains textual or spoken content suitable for transcription, it is not appropriate for inclusion at Wikisource. Perhaps you could expand the description at the Wikimedia Commons file information page instead?
  1. Before you begin, you are encouraged to create an account. This is not required, but unregistered users cannot use all of the site's features. You won't need to give any personal information.
  2. Please explore the editing tools available to you at the top of the input box below for formatting marks and advanced wiki code. When in doubt, just do your best and let the next editor correct any issues you had.

    You can also zoom in on the image with the "Proofread tools".

    Use the "Preview" button to see how something looks before saving.

  3. Wikisource tracks progress on transcriptions with a color-coded page status system. Once you are logged-in, you should notice the colored buttons just above the "Save" button below the input box.
    • Once you think you have completely and accurately transcribed a page, click the yellow button for Proofread before saving the page. This means only one contributor (you!) has verified its contents.
    • If the page was already marked proofread when you got here, your job is to validate the transcription you see in the box below you. You can tell because the yellow button will already be marked, and you will have the option to mark it green. Please make any necessary corrections and then click the green button for Validated before saving the page.
  4. Once the transcription is completed, whether it's proofread or validated, please list the document to the project page so we can keep track of change.
  5. Remember, this is a wiki. Mistakes can be fixed by more experienced editors. So, be bold and have fun!

Need more help? What is Wikisource? · Advanced proofreading guide · Advanced wiki guide · Special formatting · Ask a question to the community.

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