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To the Legislative Body before the Battle of Jena, October, 1806.
Address to the Captive Officers after the Battle of Jena, Oct. 15, 1806.
Proclamation to the Soldiers before Entering Warsaw, Jan. 1, 1807.
To the King of Prussia, Entreating Peace after the Battle of Eylau, February, 1807.
Address to the Army on Its Return to Winter Quarters on the Vistula, 1807.
Proclamation to the Soldiers after the Battle of Friedland, June 24, 1807.
Letter to Champagny, Nov. 15, 1807.
Proclamation to the Spaniards on the Abdication of Charles IV., June 2, 1808.
Address to the Legislative Body before Leaving Paris for the Spanish Campaign, 1808.
Letter to the Emperor of Austria, October, 1808.
Proclamation to the Soldiers during the March for Spain, 1808.
Summons to M. de Morla to Surrender Madrid, Dec. 3, 1808.
Proclamation to the Spanish People, December, 1808.
Letter to the American Minister, Armstrong, 1809.
Proclamation to the Soldiers before the Battle of Eckmuhl, April, 1809.
Proclamation to the Troops at Ratisbon, April, 1809.
Address to the Troops on Entering Vienna, May, 1809.
Proclamation to the Hungarians, 1809.
Part V. The Fall of Napoleon 119
Address to the Troops on the Beginning of the Russian Campaign, May, 1812.
Address to the Troops before the Battle of Borodino, Sept. 7, 1812.
Letter to Alexander I., Emperor of Russia, Sept. 20, 1812.
Discourse at the Opening of the Legislative Body, Feb. 14, 1813.
Address to the Legislative Body, December, 1813.
Address to the Guard, April 2, 1814.
Speech of Abdication, April 2, 1814.
Farewell to the Old Guard, April 20, 1814.
Proclamation to the French People on His Return from Elba, March 5, 1815.