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List of those present at General Haig's Promotion Ceremony in the President's Office - 4 Nov 69

The PresidentBrigadier General Alexander M. Haig

Mr. Kissinger

Mrs. Alexander M. Haig

Alexander P. Haig

Barbara E. Haig

Lt. General Alonzo P. Fox (USA-Ret.)

White House Staff

Bob Haldeman

Alex Butterfield

Ken BeLieu

Ken Cole

Colonel Don Hughes

Dwight Chapin

Anselmo Juanich

Kissinger Staff (contd)

Russell Ash
Captain R. C. Robinson
Lt. Colonel William Lemnitzer
Kissinger Staff

Lt. Commander Jon Howe

Tony Lake

Bob Houdek

Dave McManis

Jim Fazio

Muriel Hartley

Secretary Melvin R. Laird
Richard Helms
General Lincoln (OEP)
Colonel John Siegle (OEP)
Theodore Eliot (State)
Colonel Mike Dunn (Vice President's Ofc)
Congressman John. Marsh, Jr.
Colonel DeWitt Smith (JCS)
Dr. Fritz Kraemer (Ofc, Asst. Chief of Staff Army)
Bill Watts

Jeanne Davis

Pete Vaky (Viron P.)

Hal Sonnenfeldt

Hal Saunders

John Holdridge

Rogert Osgood

Lawrence Lynn

Colonel Robert Behr

Winston Lord

Colonel Richard Kennedy

Lora Simkus

Sally Dahler

Julie Pineau

Frank Chapin

Sven Kraemer